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2014/12/30 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis. Libertad, Igualdad, Pluralidad.

The impact of speculation in the oil business
Speculation is an important driver of oil prices. Those not participating in the oil business can speculate by buying oil futures and options and all kinds of exotic financial products linked to the oil price. In 2013 traders held an average of 1.6 million WTI oil futures contracts equivalent to 1.6 billion paper barrels of oil. A major part of the oil market consists of oil traded in the US markets, called WTI and oil produced in the North Sea and traded in Europe, called Brent. The US WTI market has become the little brother of the Brent market that is even more sensitive to oil speculation and manipulation...Read more upon subscription

IMF suspends financial aid to Greece
The International Monetary Fund has said it is suspending financial aid to Greece under its huge rescue program until a new government is formed...

Pétrole: l'Arabie saoudite déclare la guerre ouverte aux Américains
Le tout-puissant ministre saoudien de l'Énergie s'est dit prêt à laisser chuter le baril jusqu'à 20 dollars. Il exprime pour la première fois sa crainte de voir les États-Unis et le Canada lui prendre des parts de marché...

Exclusive: U.S. agency gives quiet nod to light oil exports - sources
The main U.S. export authority is telling some oil companies that they should consider exporting a lightly processed form of crude oil called condensate without formal permission, according to people familiar with the discussions...

IEA cuts 2015 demand growth forecasts, warns on social unrest
Weak demand and oversupply in oil markets raise the risk of global social instability and the potential for financial defaults, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned on Friday, as it cut its forecasts for global oil demand growth in 2015...

G20 leaders clueless about how to avoid the next economic crisis
In 2007, the global economy appeared extraordinarily healthy. World trade had experienced unusually dynamic growth of 9 per cent a year between 2004 and 2007. The presumption was that the US scare would have a temporary effect...

Foreign automakers taken to task in China over dealers' bloated inventories
Foreign automakers in China may struggle to dictate sales goals in the future after dealers complained to the government that inflexible targets set during a market boom obliged them to buy too much stock and bear the brunt of a drop in demand...

Il petrolio, le valute, le finanze, le corporazioni, il Medio Oriente: Una grande tempesta si sta abbattendo sul porto occidentale!
Da quasi due anni, combinando più punti di vista (speculativo, geopolitico, tecnologico, economico, strategico, monetario….), abbiamo anticipato incessantemente una crisi maggiore in tutta l’industria petrolifera. Oggi, nessuno dubita del fatto che ci troviamo in una crisi e, come conseguenza, il team di GEAB si sente in dovere di anticipare le conseguenze di questa bomba atomica che inizia a gettare in aria tutti i piloni del vecchio sistema: le valute, come le conoscevamo, i mercati finanziari come li conoscevamo, l’America che conoscevamo, l’alleanza occidentale, la governance mondiale e la democrazia,...

UK elections: All bets off
With a few months to go until Britain’s next general election all bets are off. At least, so said Ukip leader Nigel Farage after his party won its second by-election in as many months in November..;

Chinese internet users 'need to accept the reality of Gmail being suspended'
“If the China side indeed blocked Gmail, the decision must have been prompted by newly emerged security reasons,” said the nationalistic Global Times newspaper in an editorial...

Germany warns Greece to stick to reforms after elections
German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has warned Greece that it needs to stick to reform promises no matter who comes to power after snap elections, set to be held on 25 January...

Who governs the online world?
But in recent years online governance has become increasingly political. The debates on net neutrality, data privacy, cyber security, and the future of the Internet’s governing structure have risen up the political agenda...

Germany split on how to handle Russian rouble crisis
Wolfgang Schaeuble, the finance minister from the centre-right CDU party in the grand coalition, showed little sympathy in an interview with the Rheinische Post daily on Christmas eve (24 December).

Palestinians push to submit UN draft resolution
Arab ambassadors on Monday endorsed Palestinian amendments to a UN resolution that would call for an end to Israel's occupation within three years, a proposal strongly opposed by Israel and the USA and virtually certain to be defeated...

Ukraine: Porochenko propose une nouvelle rencontre internationale
Le président ukrainien Petro Porochenko a annoncé lors d’une conférence de presse à Kiev ce lundi 29 décembre, qu’il retrouverait son homologue russe Vladimir Poutine le 15 janvier prochain dans la capitale kazakhe Astana, lors d’une rencontre à laquelle participeront Angela Merkel et François Hollande...

Shipyard closures start with job losses
The first wave of more than 1400 job losses that will cripple Australia’s naval shipbuilding ­industry will begin next month, with two of the country’s three shipyards now likely to close within a year..;
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