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diumenge 26 d'abril, a les 12:30 h. Presentació de la candidatura del PSOE Xàbia en +POSITIU (al cine Jayan)

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www.inscribeteparavotar.es elecciones del 24 de mayo 2015

Buenas, compañer@:

Buenas, compañer@:

¿Vives fuera de España? ¿Conoces a alguien que viva en el exterior?

Pues recuérdalo, recuérdaselo: los residentes en el extranjero tienen derecho a votar.
nto si resides en el extranjero de forma permanente como temporal, debes solicitar el voto en estos días si quieres participar en las próximas elecciones del 24 de mayo.

¡Tienes hasta el 25 de abril!

Tu participación es muy importante. Es vital para cambiar las cosas.Toda la información para ejercer tu derecho a voto desde el exterior:


domingo, 12 de abril de 2015

2015/04/09 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis

Greek debt crisis easy solutions
Speaking of shifting priorities, Greece and debt, there is one last point to mention and which will make the transition to the next chapter: Greek military spending is mainly responsible for the country’s public debt; but this spending is linked to the army’s importance in the Greek state apparatus, an importance which has been fed for years by the latent Greco-Turkish conflict… completely obsolete moreover. With great delight, the military keep a whole raft of potential conflict points going in the world (like North Korea, Cuba, or Iran again, Japan…), justifying their presence, their spending, their existence…Today, the trend seems to be the closing down of these points of conflict: Obama has eased the Cuban embargo, the Russians and Chinese have partially unblocked North Korea making it accessible thanks to the routing of gas pipelines and railways. Again the Russians still seem to play a positive role in normalizing Greco-Turkish relations by a similar method, namely their project to create a gas hub in Turkey which will inevitably connect Turkey to Greece on its way to the rest of Europe. That said, the prospect of a cancellation of this part of Greek spending by Tsipras to free up the country from debt could well be the cause of failure of all the hopes carried by Syriza. Arms dealers and the military will probably seek to limit the risk of a Greek demilitarization... Register in order to read more

EU remains world's largest aid donor in 2014
The European Union and its member states kept the place as the world's largest aid donor in 2014, according to a press release issued by the European Commission here on Wednesday.

Greek PM gets support, not money from Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin offered Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras moral support and long-term cooperation but no financial aid on Wednesday, leaving Athens to fend for itself in resolving urgent debt problems with Western creditors...

Bons baisers de la Bourse de Hong Kong
Après Shanghai, c’est au tour de la Bourse de Hong Kong de connaître les faveurs des investisseurs chinois.Jusqu’à récemment, l’enthousiasme qui portait les investisseurs vers la Bourse de Shanghai ne semblait guère bénéficier à celle de Hong Kong...

Exxon, BP in Deal Spotlight After Shell Buys BG Group
Now that Royal Dutch Shell Plc has made its move for BG Group Plc, Exxon Mobil Corp. and BP Plc could contemplate deals -- perhaps even with each other.

Bank of Japan maintains monetary easing policy
The Bank of Japan board stuck to its majority view that it is still on track to achieve its price goal of 2% inflation at its latest policy meeting on Wednesday, maintaining its key policy of buying ¥80 trillion ($665 billion) of assets annually in an 8-1 vote.

Déficit public : la France plus ambitieuse que Bruxelles
Le gouvernement prévoit de baisser régulièrement son déficit pour passer en dessous de 3% du PIB en 2017, soit plus que ce que lui demande Bruxelles...

Chinese citizens sue government over transparency on Monsanto herbicide
Three Chinese citizens are taking China's Ministry of Agriculture to court in a bid to make public a toxicology report supporting the approval of Monsanto's popular weedkiller, Roundup, 27 years ago...

The Kraft-Heinz Merger: When Organic Growth Is Not On the Menu
For the United States’ largest packaged food companies, organic growth is simply not on the menu. Fierce competition, fickle consumers, and lackluster product innovations have combined to make topline growth increasingly hard to come by.

EU says Albania comment on Kosovo unification 'not acceptable'
The EU foreign service has described Albanian remarks on Kosovo unification as “provocative” and “not acceptable”.

America Inc. face à la première baisse de ses profits depuis six ans
Les analystes prévoient un recul des profits trimestriels du S&P 500, marquant un changement de tendance. Chute du pétrole et hausse du dollar ont joué, mais les spécialistes s'interrogent aussi sur la vigueur de l'économie.

Scottish nationalists to seek full fiscal autonomy from rest of Britain
Scottish nationalists will try to wrestle full control over taxation and spending for Scotland from the British government if they win kingmaker position in the May 7 general election, their leader said on Wednesday.

UK elections: Is anyone able to form a government?
The 2015 United Kingdom general election is shaping up to be the closest and potentially the biggest headache for markets for decades. The reason?

Chinese insurance giants take first bite of U.S. real estate
China's two largest insurance companies had their first bite of U.S. commercial real estate, buying a majority stake in a 500 million U.S. dollar project in the city of Boston...

Saudi-led air strikes hit Sanaa, border areas and south Yemen overnight
Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition struck military targets and weapons stores near the capital Sanaa under the control of Houthi fighters, as well as northern areas near the border with Saudi Arabia and in Yemen's south, local officials said.
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Vot per Correu d'Electors que resideixen temporalment a l'Extranger (ERTA)

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