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2015/06/11 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis. Llibertat, Igualtat, Pluralitat.

The US 2014-2015: the dominoes of pensions, Munis and the Dollar
At the source of the current huge global disorder (Ukraine, Iraq), is of course, as we have repeatedly explained, the end of the American superpower. Whether it’s dying at local level, the US pension system on the brink of collapse, the population’s extreme poverty, the student debt bomb, the problems at federal level, the political crisis, or global chaos… everything is related to the fall of the Dollar wall, and to the vain US methods to plug the breaches. This wall is crumbling before our eyes as well as the old US-dominated world order which has now run out of breath. Numerous cracks come from the outside: for example the challenge to US dominance by China and Russia. But, amongst the most serious cracks in the Dollar wall, is the market for US municipal bonds and the US pension system. Pensions, because an environment of interest rates on the floor doesn’t allow pension funds to meet the performance which they had planned; Munis (municipal bonds) because this huge market will collapse if a city of significant size is unable to repay its bonds. Yet the two are linked: for many public pensions are paid locally, increasing the pressure on municipal budgets and precipitating bankruptcy…

EU recovery strengthening despite global decline, World Bank forecasts
The outlook for the European economy has improved despite the looming threat of Greece being forced out of the eurozone, according to a new report by the World Bank...

La faillite qui pourrait effacer la colossale dette des étudiants américains
Abandonnés par leur université en faillite, les étudiants des Corinthian Colleges, premier réseau d'enseignement supérieur privé, espèrent qu'une partie de leur dette sera effacée par le gouvernement. Une mesure qui pourrait s'appliquer aux étudiants victimes de la communication mensongère de leur établissement...
La Tribune

MEPs fume over delayed TTIP vote
MEPs voiced their anger on Wednesday after a European Parliament vote on the controversial free trade deal between the EU and the US, known as TTIP, was delayed at the last minute...

EU gauges will for Latin America trade deal
The EU's trade commissioner Cecila Malmstroem will be meeting with trade ministers from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay on Thursday morning (11 June), to gauge how much support there is for a trade agreement...

Wall St. up on robust retail data but Greece weighs
U.S. stocks were higher in afternoon trading on Thursday, helped by strong retail sales data, but gains were limited by news that the International Monetary Fund had broken off debt talks with Greece...

There’s No Place to Hide as Bonds Move in Tandem With Equities
Investors who’ve tried to balance their holdings between stocks and bonds may be less protected from asset-price swings than they think...

EU sanctions hamper Italian-Russian commercial ties: Putin
European Union (EU) sanctions against Russia are an obstacle for commercial relations with Italy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said here on Wednesday after meeting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi...

Cameron’s mission to renegotiate EU membership suffers setback in Brussels
European counterparts tell PM of wariness about call for ‘full-on’ treaty change and plans to impose a four-year ban on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits..

EU says time for Greek 'happy ending'
EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has said a Greek debt deal is close but needs a "happy ending", as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras pushes for an agreement in Brussels...

Russia accuses US of inflaming Ukraine conflict
A report from the US State Department blaming Moscow for provocative action in Ukraine has been met with rebuke from Russian authorities. Moscow countered that Washington is forcing Kyiv to continue the war.

Too soon to hype India's growth story: Chinese think tank
Notwithstanding reports stating that India's GDP will surpass that of China in the coming years, a state-run Chinese think tank today said it is "too early" to hype India's growth rate as it is still facing obstacles. ..

Crunch time coming for Saudi campaign as options narrow in Yemen
After 11 weeks of air strikes that have failed to change the balance of power in Yemen, Saudi Arabia is running out of options to restore President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's exiled government to Sanaa...

Amazon’s E-Books Business Investigated by European Antitrust Regulators
European regulators announced an antitrust investigation on Thursday into whetherAmazon used its dominant position in the region’s e-books market to favor its own products over those of rivals...

Pays émergents: les investissements dans les infrastrutures ont progressé en 2014
Les engagements d'investissements privés dans les infrastructures dans les pays émergents ont atteint 107,5 milliards de dollars en 2014, dopés par une vive progression de l'activité au Brésil, selon un rapport de la banque mondiale mardi...
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