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2015/08/20 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis

Towards a Western crash… or not
To return to the stock market crash hypothesis, one must ask oneself if capital flight to Asia will cause a crash in some Western financial centres or not. In fact, in the context of its currency’s internationalization, China has done important work connecting the world to its own economy, with swap agreements, business takeovers, operational clearinghouses for Yuan, etc… Our team anticipates that banks and financial centres directly or indirectly connected to these financial flows will de facto profit from the flood of capital that will begin to flow in the global financial network. Thus we clearly see that the City, Luxembourg, Paris and Frankfurt in Europe, are on the right lines. In the Western camp we also count Sydney, Toronto, and even Tokyo. Which means that Wall Street is the major absentee from the Renminbi network. Consequently, we can well understand that Wall Street capital will fly to Asia ... (extract from the GEAB No 94)

Meet the Man Who Won on Greek Stocks When All Others Failed
MetLife MFC’s Vasileios Antoniadis made money in Greek stocks even as the country’s drawn-out bailout talks with creditors roiled markets. None of his peers did...

Merkel calls for EU-wide approach to asylum policy
Angela Merkel has used an interview to call for greater efforts to cope with a wave of migrants into Germany and other EU countries. She also expressed confidence about IMF participation in Greece's third bailout...

Greek PM calls on European Parliament to join quartet of creditors
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for the European Parliament to join the so-called quartet of creditor institutions overseeing the country's 86-billion-euro EU/IMF bailout programme...

Russia hits EU allies with symbolic food ban
The extension covers Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Montenegro. The ban on Ukrainian agricultural exports is to come into effect on 1 January 2016 if Ukraine implements the trade provisions of its EU association treaty...

The economic myth of robotics and the robot job-ocalypse
Blaming cyborgs instead of bankers and politicians is easy, says Tim Harford. The number of jobs lost to more efficient machines is only part of the problem . . . In the past, new industries hired far more people than those they put out of business. But this is not true of many of today’s new industries.”
Financial Times

Japan’s Economy Contracts as Consumption, Investment Decline
Japan’s economy contracted last quarter as consumers and businesses cut spending and exports tumbled, putting pressure on the prime minister to return his focus to Abenomics...

Stock futures fall as oil weighs, Fed notes global growth fears
U.S. stock index futures fell sharply on Thursday, a day after minutes from the latest Federal Reserve meeting highlighted concerns over the state of the global economy and as oil prices hit their lowest since 2009...
Reuters Market

Record 107,500 migrants arrived in EU in July
The number of migrants registered at the EU’s borders more than tripled in July to 107,500 compared to the same month last year, figures released by Frontex on Tuesday (18 August) show. It passed the record 100,000 in a single month for the first time since the EU’s border control agency began keeping records in 2008...

L'UE choquée face au souhait de la Slovaquie de n'accueillir que des migrants chrétiens
Le Premier ministre slovaque a annoncé que son pays n’accepterait que des migrants chrétiens. Face à cette déclaration, la Commission européenne a réitéré le principe de non-discrimination qui est au cœur de la loi européenne...

US Sees Space as Next Potential Battlefield With China
United States should revisit its historic reluctance to militarize space, and integrate a space-based layer of defense into traditional defense architecture, a US defense contractor said...
Sputnik News

The Age Of $40 Oil Is Here
On Wednesday, the price of West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark for U.S. crude oil, fell 4.3% to $40.80 a barrel, hitting levels not seen since the depths of the financial crisis more than six years ago. Brent crude, the global benchmark, fell to $47 a barrel...

China-Russia joint military drill no reason for concern
As China and Russia started the second phase of an annual joint naval drill Thursday off the coast of Vladivostok, quite a few worrywarts have found themselves attracted to the sensational claim that the two countries are stepping up efforts to forge a military alliance...
China Daily

Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone may be over, say health workers
The long-running Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone is all but over after nearly 13,500 cases and almost 4,000 deaths, those fighting the disease believe. The last case in Sierra Leone was an eight-month-old child, who was hospitalised nearly two weeks ago and died four days later...
The Guardian
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