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Pensions: capital destroyed by the financial crisis and distribution reduced by austerity, falling real estate and rising inflation… cuts are the order of the day. 
Due to the financial crisis, portfolio asset devaluations and their stock exchange losses, pension funds are reducing the size of annuities paid to pensioners who thought they were guaranteed decent incomes in their retirement. Governments are increasing measures to reduce the size of pension, either by increasing the compulsory contribution period, or by quite simply reducing their monthly payment. And the very low interest rate policies are ‘killing’ pension fund incomes. On the chart below, note that between 2008 and 2012 British pensioners have already seen their incomes cut by almost 20%; and the same phenomenon is at work throughout the Western world. LEAP/E2020 - Excerpt GEAB N°65 (May 16, 2012) 
Sommet européen: François Hollande réussit à imposer le sujet des euro-obligations.
Le président français François Hollande a réussi à imposer le sujet des euro-obligations dans le débat européen sur la croissance au cours d'un sommet informel de l'UE dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi, en dépit des réticences de la chancelière allemande Angela Merkel... Libération 
Despite hours of talks, Brussels has little to show.
A growth program as the French promote it - or the German path of rigid austerity? Eurobonds - or separate national debt policies? Greece within the eurozone - or outside? The issues on the table at the EU summit were controversial - and a solution to the problems does not seem to be imminent. Deutsche Welle 
Supermarkets face tough time as consumers tighten belts.
British supermarkets are in for a tough few years, according to a report by Moody's, the ratings agency, which has warned that profits at Tesco and Marks & Spencer will be under pressure as customers increasingly seek to cut back on spending money on food... Telegraph 
China manufacturing activity worsens: HSBC.
China’s factory activity appeared set for a seventh straight month of contraction in May, according to HSBC data released Thursday, with export orders shrinking to erase one of the bright spots in the previous month’s numbers.  Market Watch 
China continues opposition to EU emissions scheme.
China's civil aviation authority on Wednesday reiterated its opposition to the European Union's imposition of an emissions trading scheme on global aviation, despite a threat from the EU last week to punish Chinese airlines for not cooperating. China Daily
How Facebook could destroy the U.S. economy.
Yes, endangered. The number of public companies has declined 37% since 1997. The number of IPOs has dropped from 311 annually before 2000 to 99 in the past decade. Meanwhile, the smart CEOs and the Super Rich are “going private,” to avoid government red tape restricting capitalism. Market Watch
World Bank sees China as drag on emerging Asia.
The World Bank on Wednesday forecast slower economic expansion for developing nations in East Asia this year due to weakness in China, and urged governments in the region to look domestically for growth rather than relying on exports.  Market Watch 
Une manifestation monstre souligne 100 jours d'impasse.
En ce 100e jour de grève étudiante, des dizaines de milliers de personnes ont marché dans les rues du centre-ville contre la hausse des droits de scolarité et contre la loi spéciale adoptée vendredi dernier. La Presse.ca 
Spain, on the edge of a financial cliff, cancels all development aid to Latin America.
The Spanish government announced this week it was cancelling all development aid to Latin American countries as a direct consequence of the financial strains the EU member is suffering, which is the worst in decades with record unemployment of 24%.  MercoPress 
 Des analystes européens inquiets de « la folie immobilière canadienne »
À l’instar de certains économistes canadiens, des analystes européens estiment que le marché immobilier canadien va connaître une baisse prononcée. Le réputé groupe de recherche LEAP/E2020 fait une lecture pessimiste de la situation, dans un article de son bulletin d’avril, offert uniquement sur abonnement. Conseiller
La grande chute de l'immobilier occidental - ouvrage de référence .
« La Grande Chute de l’immobilier occidental » par Sylvain Perifel et Philippe Schneider est sans nul, doute
l’ouvrage le plus complet et les plus intéressant que j’ai pu lire en la matière. Les auteurs (maître de conférence et gestionnaire de patrimoine) nous révèlent un état des lieux ainsi que les évolutions à venir à horizon 2015 et 2020 des marchés immobiliers occidentaux ainsi que leurs recommandations.

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