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Press / News / Noticias / Noticies - GLOBAL SYSTEMIC CRISIS (29-11-2012)

Anticipated by LEAP (April 2012): "UMP explosion following the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy"
... the party “heir” to Gaullism, the UMP, and thus a priori defender of the Fifth Republic’s constitution, is about to explode following the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy, who had manipulated the Gaullist heritage in a way to serve interests contrary to those defended by General De Gaulle (the example of the return without any concessions to the lap of NATO’s integrated military organization being the most blatant example)...
Excerpt GEAB N°64 

French conservatives slip further into crisis
France's opposition conservatives sank deeper into a leadership crisis on Tuesday that could split the party, as moderates demanded a new vote to replace the disputed election of a hardliner and formed a breakaway wing.    Reuters
January 19th, 2013: Don’t miss FEFAP’s next training sessions to Political Anticipation!
Next January 19th 2013, FEFAP’s new cycle of online courses on Political Anticipation will begin in English, French, German and Spanish.   LEAP/E2020

Post-US world born in Phnom Penh
It is symptomatic of the national condition of the United States that the worst humiliation ever suffered by it as a nation, and by a US president personally, passed almost without comment last week.  Asia Times

Greece: Rebuilding the state 
Can we really be this incompetent? It is outrageous that Greece’s political system has for three years failed to take the necessary decisions to streamline the country’s dysfunctional state apparatus.  Ekathimerini

Standard Chartered gets RMB cross-border lending quota
Standard Chartered Bank (China) was granted for approval for a renminbi denominated loan quota on behalf of an American multi-national company client, making it the first foreign bank which has done so, the company said in Hong Kong on Monday...  China Daily

'Euroland' is born! EU commission foresees two treaty changes to reach full integration
The EU commission Wednesday published its vision for a "genuine" economic and monetary union (EMU) under which national budgets could be vetoed and a central European budget would allow transfers for troubled countries.  EUObserver

Palestine à l'ONU: quels risques, quels bénéfices?
La reconnaissance du statut d'Etat observateur à l'ONU pour les Palestiniens sera peut-être une victoire symbolique. Mais quels seront les bénéfices concrets et les risques apportés par ce changement? Passage en revue.   L'Express

Carney will regret taking Bank of England reins
There are plenty of questions that the English might ask about their new central bank boss. Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of Canada, who this week agreed to take control of the Bank of England, is not exactly a household name.    Market Watch

Britain’s bluster serves the eurozone well
By insisting on an EU budget freeze, Mr Cameron is ultimately doing the eurozone a favour. By undermining the EU, he provides further incentives for the eurozone to grasp its collective interest. I support him.
Financial Times

India and China Deepen Economic Ties
While India and China continue to disagree over their shared border, and the role of both countries in the South China Sea, on the economic front, the two countries are making strides.  New York Times

Spurred by crisis, euro zone is shaping up: study
The euro zone is turning into a more balanced and potentially more dynamic economy thanks to market pressure and the constant demand for structural reforms, a study showed on Monday.    Reuters

Aussie, Canada dollars termed reserve currencies
The Australian and Canadian dollars, the world’s leading commodity-rich currencies, are being formally classified as official reserve assets by the International Monetary Fund, marking the onset of a multi-currency reserve system and a new era in world money.   Market Watch

European Space Agency Takes a Step into the Future
The European Space Agency has a new budget and member states have also set aside a bitter debate over the future of the Ariane rocket, the program's commercial workhorse. All sides are happy -- and Russia may even benefit from the deal.   Der Spiegel

Lait : la crise est différente de celle de 2009
Lundi, ils ont aspergé le Parlement européen de lait. Hier, ils ont continué à manifester leur mécontentement en occupant les bureaux de la Commission européenne. Les éleveurs laitiers européens sont en difficulté a
manifester leur mécontentement en occupant les bureaux de la Commission européenne. Les éleveurs laitiers européens sont en difficulté alors que les prix mondiaux du lait, paradoxalement, sont à la hausse. Un contexte très différent de celui de 2009.  RFI

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