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2014/04/14 Revue de Presse - Euro-BRICS - Press Reviews. Libertad, Igualdad, Pluralidad.

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The Ukrainian Crisis: a dramatic blow given to the Euro-BRICS rapprochement as well as to the emergence of a multipolar world
The Ukraine crisis is not an accident of history, it is the result of an intention: that of forcing Ukraine to choose sides between Europe and Russia. The European External Action Service of the European Commission led by Ms. Ashton and Mr. O’Sullivan refused the tripartite negotiation proposed by Russia in November 2013 between the economic partnerships under development among Ukraine and Russia on the one hand, and Ukraine and the EU on the other hand.

Political risk? Watch out for these countries
All five of the emerging market BRICS countries face increased political risk in 2014, according to a new report, which also warned that the recent unrest in Ukraine had wide-ranging repercussions. In its annual Political Risk Map, Aon Risk Solutions warned of a greater likelihood of risk in the BRICS countries.

Faut-il négocier un accord de libre-échange entre l'UE et la Chine ?
L'idée d'un accord de libre-échange entre l'UE et la Chine suscite de vives craintes. D'un point de vue commercial, c'est pourtant l'absence d'accord avec la Chine qui risque d'être bientôt difficilement justifiable. Mais cette perspective pose d'autres questions.

BRICS aim to finish development bank preparations by July summit
The BRICS bloc of emerging economies will have all preparatory work done for setting up its development bank by the group's summit in July, South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said on Thursday.

Jim O’Neill: shifting trade, a threat to global institutions
Jim O’Neill believes, not for the first time, that economists and policy makers have got it wrong. They underestimate how much the growth of China and other emerging markets has transformed the world economy, and the implications for Europe.

China attempts to split EU and US
Xi Jinping's proposal that China and the European Union explore a free trade agreement is a sign of Europe's pivotal role. Especially significant was his assertion in a speech that such a China-Europe relationship would make the two "the twin engines for global economic growth", making no mention of the United States.

La Russie menace de couper le gaz à l'Ukraine et à l'Europe
Le président russe Vladimir Poutine exige que les Européens assurent le paiement des milliards de dette de l'Ukraine. L'Ukraine était confrontée vendredi 11 avril à la menace d'une coupure des livraisons de gaz par la Russie et aux risques d'affrontements entre autorités ukrainiennes et sympathisants pro-russes dans l'est du pays.

B(R)ICS states stick together in Crimea crisis
The US and Europe are maintaining a clear position: they've condemned the Crimea annexation by Russia. But what do Russia's BRICS partners Brazil, China, India and South Africa think of the Crimea crisis?

India’s goals at the BRICS bank
Recent official discussions on the BRICS Development Bank (BDB) have revolved round the location of its headquarters and its voting and governance structure. In India, there has been very little public policy discussion around the strategic imperatives that should inform India’s position on these issues.

G20 gives US ultimatum over IMF reform
The G20 has given an ultimatum to the US to pass reforms to the International Monetary Fund or risk being left out of new changes. Finance ministers in Washington for the spring meetings of the IMF and World Bank said they were “deeply disappointed” by failure to implement changes agreed in 2010, and gave the US until the end of the year to do so....

Gas supplies may be affected, Putin warns Europe
President Vladimir Putin on Thursday sent a letter to EU leaders, expressing his "extreme concern" over Ukraine's debt for Russian gas and warning them that supplies to Europe may be affected, his spokesman said.
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