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2014/04/18 Revue de Presse - Euro-BRICS - Press Reviews. Libertad, Igualdad, Pluralidad.

Russia, West reach surprise deal on Ukraine crisis
Russia, Ukraine, the US and EU reached a surprise deal Thursday on de-escalating the worsening Ukrainian crisis, in a ray of hope for the former Soviet republic that has plunged into chaos.
Times of India

China-Brazil relationship satisfying: President Xi
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday met with Brazil's President of the Chamber of Deputies Henrique Eduardo Alves, saying he was satisfied with the momentum of the China-Brazil relationship. The deepening and expanding cooperation in recent years has benefited the people of the two countries substantially, Xi said.

Le FMI, les BRICS et l’“idéal de puissance”
Comme disent “les économistes” et selon une idée courante, écrit Tyler Durden en citant un texte de RTBH, le statut des USA est en plein processus de dissolution et, par conséquent, la légitimité du FMI est en jeu : «Economists warn the IMF's legitimacy is at stake, and they say U.S. standing abroad is being eroded.»
De Defensa

China to boost space defense in ‘new-type combat force’
China is planning to beef up its combat capability by increasing resources in a "new-type combat force," which includes integrating air and space capability in reaction to the international development of space weapons, local media reported.

Russia-China ties to alter global equations: Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow’s ties with Beijing are expected to be a considerable factor in global politics. Russia-China ties “will significantly affect the contemporary architecture of international relations,” said the president.
The BRICS Post

Economie politique
Cette idée ne doit pas être confondue avec celle recommandant une rupture avec les Etats-Unis. Il s'agirait seulement de prendre beaucoup plus d'indépendance à leur égard. La politique qu'ils conduisent actuellement dans la crise ukrainienne, en entrainant l'Otan avec eux, ne peut que conduire à des difficultés insurmontables pour l'Europe.
Automates Intelligents

Putin Hopes Italian EU Presidency Will Boost Russia-Europe Ties
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope Thursday that Italy’s upcoming position as the rotating head of the European Union will help spur cooperation between Russia and Europe. Italy, which has recently seen a new leadership come to power, will hold the EU presidency from July until December.
RIA Novosti

Europe-Africa Partnership To Study Global Warming From Space
After years of planning and discussion, space-based projects between the European Union and African Union may soon be getting off the ground. Data from satellites and sensors in the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere will help policymakers deal with everything from global warming to food security, and it should be good for business, too.
Intl Business Times

La guerre contre le dollar va s'intensifier
Nous avons déjà signalé que, face à l'intensification de la guerre anti-russe menée en Ukraine, sous couvert de l'Otan, par Washington, Moscou préparait une riposte qui, bien que non militaire, serait aussi dévastatrice de l'économie américaine qu'une bombe atomique sur Wall Street.
Europe Solidare

BRICS energy markets: Part 2
Oil supply and demand. Russia has faced ups and downs in its oil and natural gas production, but it stands out among the BRICS as the only net exporter. Oil prices spiked in 2008, and the US and much of the world fell into recession.
Energy Global

Hosting G20 would be opportunity for China and the world
The joint statement by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart François Hollande on March 26 outlined both countries’ future comprehensive strategic partnership as a period of close and long-term development. In the statement, France showed its expectation that China should host its first G20 summit as soon as possible.
Global Times

China, India threat to US leadership position: Obama
US President Barack Obama has warned that the US could lose leadership position to China, India and Germany as these countries make huge strides in education.
The BRICS Post

Lavrov: Putin’s Visit to China Year’s Major Event in Bilateral Relations
Upcoming visit of the Russian President to China will become this year’s major political event in Russian-Chinese relations and its outcome will be an important step toward a closer bilateral partnership, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

China, India vow to step up global coordination
Top officials from China and India vowed on Monday to advance the strategic partnership to step up coordination in regional and international affairs. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin and Indian Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh held strategic talks as part of an annual dialogue in Beijing.
The BRICS Post
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