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2014/11/05 LEAP/E2020 - Euro-BRICS Press Review

Welcome to the new world order
The IMF’s annual report confirms the future belongs to the BRICS, with western economic power declining faster than previously estimated.

Time to Take the Russia-China Axis Seriously
The current partnership between Russia and China is far from temporary. If you haven’t already read it, Gilbert Rozman has an incisive essay over at Foreign Affairs that explains why the contemporary iteration of close bilateral ties between Russia and China is here to stay.

China to push for APEC information exchange
China is ready to host the APEC leaders summit on November 10 and 11 in Beijing with emphasis on economic reforms, boosting connectivity and infrastructure development. A recent Asian Development Bank report has said the region needs $8 trillion in investment by 2020 to meet its infrastructure needs.

La montée des BRICS ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pour l’Afrique
La montée des BRICS ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pour l’Afrique dans plusieurs domaines, a déclaré samedi à Dakar Demba Moussa Dembelé, président de l’Africaine de recherche et de coopération pour l’appui au développement endogène (ARCADE).

Brazil Aims for Stronger Economic Cooperation With BRICS Partners, EU: Finance Ministry
Brazil wants to diversify its trading beyond traditional partners in Latin America, and to further cooperate with its partners from BRICS countries and Europe, Marden Barboza, Deputy Secretary of International Issues at Brazil's Finance Ministry said Wednesday.
Ria Novosti

Panos Kamenos : la Grèce doit rejoindre les BRICS
Voici la transcription de l’intervention de Panos Kammenos, Président des Grecs Indépendants, Membre du Parlement hellénique, lors de la conférence internationale de l’Institut Schiller du 18 et 19 octobre 2014 en Allemagne.

BRICS common currency would help break Western financial hegemony
Structural problems and Western sanctions have put the Russian economy in a tough spot. Russia must continue integrating with the BRICS countries particularly by creating a common financial system and a single currency to avoid stagnation, guarantee access to critical technologies, and ultimately become one of the world’s technological powerhouses.
Russia & India Report

Selling China on South Africa
During the last 14 days of October, representatives from 51 South African companies visited Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing to exhibit their products and services at the fourth South African Expos in China. The Department of Trade and Industry of South Africa held a media conference Wednesday to share their accomplishments of this most recent trip.
Global Times

Nice : les relations Europe-Russie au forum "Energie et Géopolitique"
Les relations Union européenne Russie dans le nouveau contexte international, les transitions énergétiques, la géopolitique de l'Energie en Méditerranée : ce sont là les principaux thèmes abordés dans les tables rondes du XIIIe Forum du "Club de Nice" Energie et Géopolitique. Ce forum annuel, qui aura lieu à Nice du 27 au 29 novembre
Web Time Medias

Dilma Rousseff has a second chance to invigorate Brazil’s foreign policy
After an election campaign that was more unpredictable and nerve-racking than Brazil’s popular soap operas, President Dilma Rousseff will lead the country for another four years.
The Guardian

Russia-Ukraine gas deal is a 'tactical win-win for both sides'
Russia has agreed to resume sending natural gas supplied to Ukraine over the winter following months of talks held between the two nations and the EU. The total package is worth just under £3 billion. Both the International Monetary Fund and the European Union have agreed to help fund Kiev's gas purchases.
Voice of Russia
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