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2015/10/21 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis

Investments, trends, recommendations: Gold, everything will change
Everything has gone wrong in the financial markets, with a feeling of latent panic these last few months . Another sign of the system malfunctioning is the astronomical amount of share buybacks by the companies themselves (at the least a thousand billion dollars spent on share buybacks in 2015): encouraged by interest rates at their lowest, businesses prefer to take on debt to pay their shareholders rather than make a profi. In such times, gold is supposed to see its price increase. And yet… (Excerpt GEAB No 98 / Log in or Subscribe now)

China’s Selling Tons of U.S. Debt. Americans Couldn’t Care Less
For all the dire warnings over China’s retreat from U.S. government debt, there’s one simple fact that is being overlooked: American demand is as robust as ever. Not only are domestic mutual funds buying record amounts of Treasuries at auctions this year, U.S. investors are also increasing their share of the $12.9 trillion market for the first time since 2012, data compiled by Bloomberg show...
Why the eurozone losing Poland is a bigger deal than losing Greece
Grexit. Spexit. Quitaly. Over five years of stumbling from one crisis to the next, the eurozone has developed its own bizarre lexicon of terms to describe various countries that might quit the euro EURUSD, +0.0617% . And yet there may be a far more important loss to the eurozone than Greece, and perhaps even Italy or Spain. And it may be a lot closer as well. Poland...

Will Fintech Upstarts Do To Banks What Uber Has Done To Taxis -- Or Will Banks Win?
For better or worse, the meteoric rise of ride-hailing giant Uber has become shorthand for startup success in America. Beyond the meme’ed and mocked “it’s Uber for X” description of many a new business these days, Uber’s $50 billion valuation — and the manner in which it has crippled industry mainstays and trampled over municipal regulations on its way to that massive number — is something that many entrepreneurs strive for...

ECB unlikely to change tack at policy meeting
With new data showing increased lending by eurozone banks, the European Central Bank might decide not to increase its monetary stimulus program for the time being. But generally, the outlook remains rather bleak...
Deutsche Welle

Over 500,000 migrants reach Greece this year, arrival rate rising - U.N.
Over half a million refugees and migrants have arrived by sea in Greece this year and the rate of arrivals is rising with over 8,000 coming on Monday alone, in a rush to beat the onset of freezing winter, the United Nations said on Tuesday...

Credit Suisse Wealth Report: There Are More Poor People In America Than China
This is a wonderfully counter intuitive finding from the new Credit Suisse Wealth Report. There’re more poor people in America than there are in China. No, really, this is true, when measuring by wealth. We’ve not got the detailed number of the United States alone as they’re offering the information by region...

UK steel sector imploding, Tata Steel blames cheap Chinese imports
The crisis in Britain’s steel sector escalated further on Tuesday as Tata Steel blamed its decision to cut 1,200 British jobs from its UK operations squarely on a flood of cheap imports, particularly from China...

How the Refugee Backlash Might Topple Merkel
Europe is moving to the right. Germany has been the country whose population has put up the longest and most enduring resistance against right extremist ideas...
Huffington Post

Production at U.S. Manufacturers Falls for a Second Month
Factory output fell in September for a second month as high inventories and lukewarm demand from overseas customers kept American producers bogged down...

EU: Starbucks and Fiat must repay €20-30mn on illegal tax deals
Starbucks and Fiat have to pay millions of euros in back taxes to the Netherlands and Luxembourg, because their tax deals amounted to illegal state aid, the EU Commission said on Wednesday (21 October)...

UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet
A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change, a UN report said today. As the global population surges towards a predicted 9.1 billion people by 2050, western tastes for diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable, says the report from United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) international panel of sustainable resource management...
The Guardian

New laws to allow spies to hack into smartphones and computers ‘to be introduced in the coming weeks’
Britain’s spies are about to be given huge new powers that will allow them to look in on people’s phones and computers, according to reports...
The Independent

Russia’s Awesome Responsibility
The Russian decision to proceed with military support to the Damascus government has shifted the global geopolitical map significantly. For the moment Washington is choosing to react with words, no doubt planning carefully its next move...
Journal Neo

Middle East Most Immediate, Severe Test for America’s Role in 21st Century
Former US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, has outlined his “path out of the Middle East collapse”, suggesting the US administration to define its new priorities and a new strategy in the region, as the old geopolitical structure, which lasted four decades, is currently “in shambles”, due to Russia’s involvement.
Sputnik News

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