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2015/12/03 The Global Systemic Crisis - LEAP Press Review


United States, Russia, Syria, and Paris terrorist attacks: Europe, crushed in the movement of the tectonic plates of the great global geopolitical reconfiguration
The global systemic crisis we have been experiencing for at least eight years is challenging a world order which we have often compared to the one going back not only to the end of the Second World War, but more broadly to the Renaissance and the great discoveries of late fifteenth century. 500 years ago, Europe put itself at the heart of the planet, launching an extensive programme of exploration, followed by exploitation, then colonization, and finally cooperation with the rest of the world. 500 years ago, Europe became the heart of the world... (GEAB No 99  by LEAP)

Biggest Oil Buyers Pick Themselves as Winners From OPEC Meeting

Oil buyers in Asia are sure of one thing as OPEC prepares to meet: They’ll emerge as winners from the group’s rift over production. Members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries will gather Dec. 4 in Vienna, where Iran has said it will announce plans to boost production by 500,000... (Bloomberg)

Dutch PM: Islamic State can’t change Europe’s
way of life
Mark Rutte, the Dutch leader, was at home on the evening of 13 November when his counter-terrorism chief called with news of the Islamic State attack in Paris. “I got the message that something terrible was taking place,” he told reporters in The Hague on Wednesday... (EUObserver)

Business Insider
Immigration to Britain is a London thing
The immigration figures for the UK were released on Thursday, showing that net migration hit 336,000 in the 12 months to September 2015. That’s a record level. But there’s another interesting release that always gets less attention - at the same time, the Department for Work & Pensions releases the number of new National Insurance numbers issued... (Business Insider

Market Watch
GDP report shows Americans have pocketed all savings from cheaper gas
The cheapest gas prices in years have produced big savings for consumers. And that’s exactly what they are doing: saving it. Newly revised government figures show that the personal savings rate rose to a 5.2% rate in the third quarter from an initial 5% estimate... (Market Watch)

EU Business
Eurozone approves bailout payment to Greece
Eurozone finance ministers approved a two billion euro ($2.1 billion) payment to Greece on Monday, declaring that Athens had successfully met the strict reform commitments demanded in the country's bailout.The payment confirms that relations between leftist led Greece and its European creditors... (EU Business)

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