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2016/11/29 Political Anticipation - A LEAP Press review

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Franck Biancheri enters the Museum of History of Stuttgart
The House of History (Haus der Geschichte), the museum of history of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, recently opened a new permanent exhibition called „Haus Europa“ (House Europe). This permanent exhibition deals with the following themes: Slaughterhouse Europe, Euro-Visions, the Europe of Monarchs, Politicians and technocrats, Europe as Common Market and Europe of the Citizens... (AAFB)

Saudis Said to Quit Russia Talks as OPEC Deal No Closer
Saudi Arabia pulled out of planned talks with non-OPEC nations including Russia as disagreements about how to share the burden of supply cuts stood in the way of a deal to boost prices just days before a make-or-break meeting in Vienna. OPEC officials were scheduled to meet with non-members including Russia on Monday before a ministerial meeting in Vienna two days later... (Bloomberg)
Canada at risk of sinking in Trump’s political tsunami
When economic waves come out of Washington, they rock Canada. Now, with the Donald Trump tsunami heading towards the White House, Canadians feartheir already floundering economy could be sunk. Pundits and politicians are already predicting the death of trade agreements between the two neighbours which, until recently, when China edged out Canada, ranked as each other’s top trading partners... (Aljazeera)

Greek Debt Relief Plan Said to Entail $35 Billion Bank Bond Swap
Greece’s battered banks are being asked to swap about 33 billion ($35 billion) euros in floating-rate bonds for 30-year, fixed-rate securities under a euro-area plan to shield Athens from future interest rate increases, three people with knowledge of the matter said. The swap is part of a package of debt-relief proposals for Greece to be presented at a Dec. 5 meeting of euro-area finance ministers... (Bloomberg)

Airbus calls for end of legal battles with Boeing
Airbus has called for a global agreement on subsidies for the aircraft industry, after the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled that Boeing benefited from illegal US tax breaks. In the case brought by the EU against the US, a WTO panel ruled that Boeing had benefited from illegal tax breaks facilitating the development of its new B777X jets... (EUobserver)
China’s experience to help Germany host G20 summit
China and Germany have vowed to work closely to ensure next year’s G20 leaders summit in Hamburg is as successful as the fruitful meeting hosted by China in Hangzhou in September. Such commitments were expressed during a meeting between Vice-Premier Liu Yandong and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday... (China Daily)
More choices makes us happier !
Ladies and gentlemen, we have started our descent. From now until closing time on Christmas Eve, we are destined to fall towards an existential abyss. Some of us are fated to experience an unpleasant altercation with another shopper on Black Friday over the last discounted PS4 in a warehouse on the North Circular... (The Guardian)
Young, gifted and held back
In the world of “The Hunger Games” youngsters are forced to fight to the death for the amusement of their white-haired rulers. Today’s teen fiction is relentlessly dystopian, but the gap between fantasy and reality is often narrower than you might think. The older generation may not resort to outright murder but, as our special report this week on millennials describes (see article), in important ways they hold their juniors down... (The Economist)

A global business thriving on people’s love for art
Top auctioneer says Chinese collectors playing a pivotal role in future market. Jussi Pylkkanen thinks himself more of an aficionado and part of the cultural landscape – that connects museums, foundations and art dealers from the four corners of the earth – than the president of Christie’s, one of the two biggest international auction houses... (China Daily)
A brief history of war and drugs: From Vikings to Nazis
Adolf Hitler was a junkie and the Nazis’ narcotics intake gives new meaning to the term ‘war on drugs’. But they weren’t the only ones. Recent publications have revealed that narcotics are as much a part of conflict as bullets; often defining wars rather than sitting anecdotally on the sidelines of them. In his book Blitzed, German author Norman Ohler describes how the Third Reich was permeated with drugs, including cocaine, heroin and most notably crystal meth... (AlJazeera)

Brexit, Trump, populism: The “post-truth”, its accomplices and its antidote
It could be said that we’re all accomplices of the so-called “post-truth”, although not to the same extent. But, what is the post-truth? The post-truth refers to circumstances in which emotions and personal beliefs are more determining when shaping public opinion than objective facts... (AAFB - José María Compagni Morales)

Euro chief Dijsselbloem sees London losing EU finance dominance
The European Union cannot let London remain the main financial center for the euro zone after Brexit if Britain does not want to be bound by EU financial rules, Eurogroup President Jeroen Dijsselbloem said on Tuesday. The Dutch finance minister told a European Parliament committee he did not expect Britain to accept being bound by EU rules after leaving the bloc... (Reuters)

Singapore tops global education rankings
Singapore has the highest-achieving primary and secondary pupils in international education tests in maths and science. But primary school pupils in Northern Ireland were ranked sixth at maths, the highest of any in Europe. England's performance has not advanced since tests four years ago... (BBC)

South Korea's Park asks parliament to decide how she can quit, opposition cries foul
South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday asked parliament to decide how and when she can give up power over an influence-peddling scandal, taking the country's political crisis deeper into uncharted terrain. The main opposition Democratic Party rejected Park's offer, calling it a ploy to escape being impeached... (Reuters)

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