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2014/06/06 - Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews. Llibertat, Igualtat, Pluralitat. Press-News-Notícies.

Russia and China plan own rating agency to rival western players
Russia and China have agreed to set up a joint rating agency as Moscow’s stand-off with the west over Ukraine has made it more eager to establish institutions that would reduce its dependence on the US and Europe.
Hollande to bridge Russia-Ukraine differences
French President Francois Hollande is expected to try and build a diplomatic bridge between his Russian and US counterparts Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama who have been engaged in a war of words over Ukraine.

Ukraine : le G7 menace la Russie de nouvelles sanctions
Le premier ministre russe, Dmitri Medvedev, a qualifié jeudi 5 juin de « cynisme sans limites » le soutien exprimé selon lui par le G7 à l'opération armée des forces ukrainiennes contre l'insurrection prorusse dans l'est du pays.

Are China and Russia Moving toward a Formal Alliance?
During Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China last week, China and Russia signed a huge natural gas deal that is worth about $400 billion.

Renminbi (RMB) Yuan Clearing Bank To Open In London
A RMB Yuan (CNY) clearing bank will be officially appointed in the United Kingdom (UK) in June, said Mark Boleat, policy chairman for the City of London Corp, in an interview at the weekend. Other European financial centers in the race to become a Yuan center include Frankfurt, Paris, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
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Multilateralismo, etapa superior del antiimperialismo
El mes próximo habrá una reunión de los BRICS en Brasil. La alianza entre Brasil, Rusia, India, China y Sudáfrica es económica, pero también política. Vladimir Putin y Xi Jinping visitarán la Argentina en el marco de la reunión y no se descarta una incorporación de nuestro país al bloque, más aún luego de que Argentina sea invitada por Rusia a participar de la reunión de Fortaleza. El mundo cambió, aunque Estados Unidos parece no darse cuenta.

A new BRICS bank to mark global shift
Leaders of the BRICS nations are committed to the creation of a new Development Bank for infrastructure and sustainable development. Details of the bank’s operations are expected at the forthcoming BRICS summit to be held in Brazil this July.

Lavrov: No plans for BRICS expansion
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has put to bed speculation of a possible expansion of BRICS membership. During a joint press conference in Moscow with visiting Argentinian Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, Lavrov said that the issue had not yet been tabled for discussion by BRICS leaders.

L'UE et la Russie doivent normaliser leurs relations
La Russie et l'Union européenne doivent normaliser leurs relations afin de stabiliser leur coopération énergétique à la veille de la présidence de l'UE assumée par Rome au second semestre de 2014, a déclaré mardi le ministre italien des Finances Pier Carlo Padoan.

BRICS nations hope to bankroll a changing world order
After more than six decades of dictating development policy in much of the emerging world, the Western-led International Monetary Fund and World Bank may soon have some competition.

China's growth to moderate: World Bank
China's economy will moderate over the next few years as Beijing looks to rebalance it, the World Bank said on Friday, but it warned of risks from local government debt, a cooling real estate sector and an uncertain export recovery.

Narendra Modi: global perspectives
By inviting SAARC leaders to his swearing-in ceremony India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi has signaled a major shift in India’s foreign policy. Gateway House presents perspectives from experts from seven countries on the changes they expect to see in India’s foreign policy in the Modi era.
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