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2014/06/10 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis. Libertad, Igualdad, Pluralidad.

The US, the sick man of the world – diplomacy and military omnipresence as a cover-up
We want to make the point about the serious US’ weakening and show to what extent, beyond the appearance of power projected in fits and starts by millions of Fed-printed Dollars, the US is now only a story, a Hollywood film, window-dressing for a sordid socio-economic reality… despite their TTIP negotiations which seem to be on the verge of success, despite their huge influence on Europe, despite the restlessness in the Ukraine and, finally, despite the myth of the “US recovery”.

U.S. pensions ‘cash negative’ by 2016: Analyst
America's sprawling 401(k) pension system will turn cash flow negative in 2016, threatening disruption for asset managers and selling of equities, according to analysis by Cerulli Associates, a research house...

Iran, Turkey pledge cooperation despite split over Syria
In a landmark visit to Turkey by Iran's president, the two countries pledged to work together to stop extremism and bloodshed in the Middle East despite deep differences over Syria's civil war...

Saudi to establish its first sovereign wealth fund
It has not been revealed whether the fund would change the kingdom’s investment strategy, which has primarily been to take up US bonds...

Kiev and Moscow hold new talks on crisis
Kiev gave no details and Russia did not comment directly but two days of talks, following a brief encounter in France last week that broke the ice between Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin, have given momentum to peace moves...

1 in 10 New Yorkers doesn’t have a bank account
In the wake of the Great Recession, more local residents, fearing wage garnishment and social upheaval, have abandoned banks, which are already exacerbating customer flight by jacking up fees in a low-interest-rate environment...

Ca se passe en Europe : la Belgique à la recherche d’un gouvernement, épisode 2
Depuis deux semaines, le vainqueur des législatives, le leader nationaliste flamand Bart De Wever, a bien du mal à trouver une coalition gouvernementale...

Trouble for Merkel: Berlin Divided in Spat over EU Commmission
The appointment of the next leaders of the EU Commission has divided Europe, raising the specter that Britain could leave the bloc. London is an important ally to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and it is likely she will seek to broker a deal...

Are China and Japan decoupling business from politics?
It is heartening to see that the booming bilateral trade between Asia's two largest economies continues to defy their bellicose rhetoric and "war games" at sea and in the air...

Confusion clouds Tony Abbott’s Washington meetings
THERE was some consternation among bureaucrats in Canberra this week when word spread that Tony Abbott had decided against meeting three of the most important economic policy figures in Washington during his forthcoming visit...

Beijing-Based IMF? Lagarde Ponders China Gaining on U.S. Economy
The International Monetary Fund’s headquarters may one day shift to Beijing from Washington, aligning with China’s growing influence in the world economy, the fund’s managing director said...

BNP Paribas : Après l'amende, la note
La BNP Paribas pourrait voir sa note abaissée par l’agence de notation Standard and Poor’s. En cause, l’amende de 10 milliards de dollars et les sanctions additionnelles que veut lui infliger la justice américaine.

Barclays to cut 19,000 jobs over three years
Barclays is to cut 19,000 jobs by 2016, with more than 9,000 to go in the UK, the bank has said. As part of a new strategy, the investment part of the bank will lose about 7,000 jobs by the end of 2016...

Foreign banks fall out of love with US
But at the national level, the reverse is true: policy is being developed that will arguably make the US less attractive for overseas banks...

La navigation sur le Rhin : entre CCNR et UE, quelles solutions de rationalisation ?
Aujourd’hui, il s’agit de savoir s’il existe une complémentarité ou une concurrence entre les compétences de l’UE et de la CCNR et de présenter des solutions pour rendre ces deux organisations compatibles. Trois solutions sont envisageables.
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