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Libertad, Igualdad, Pluralidad. LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis. 08-03-2013

Exit from the US crisis: Only poor solutions
The United States doesn’t have many solutions for exiting the crisis. The option of a debt default can be tantalizing but would be cataclysmic as we have already seen and would have disastrous consequences for the country itself because it’s too dependent on the financial markets and the rest of the world’s confidence. Such a loss of confidence in the United States would be fatal for the Dollar as a reserve currency.
LEAP/E2020 - Excerpt GEAB N°72 (Feb. 2013) 

Euro Group head says UK at risk of 'sterling crisis'
The pound’s recent slide could be the start of “a new sterling crisis” sparked by concerns about the state of the public finances, according to the Euro Group’s new president... 
The Telegraph 
Why the Global Economy Is Still Stuck 
The global economic news is not good lately. The Italian election was a statement against the austerity policy of the previous government, but failed to offer an alternative. The resulting uncertainty keeps Italy's government bond market on thin ice, threatening to engulf the whole euro zone in a new financial storm...
China's real estate bubble
If trouble comes in threes, then what'll be the next global market to melt down after the U.S. and Europe? Some are looking nervously at China...   

IMF to add AUD and CAD as reserve currencies; which one’s next?  
IMF confirmed that the AUD and CAD will appear as reserve currency within three months. This emphasizes the spiraling demand for additional reserve currencies and the New Zealand dollar has the best chance to join the list, according to experts... 

Holder admits megabanks are ‘too big to jail’
Attorney General Eric Holder, the top U.S. law-enforcement official, finally admitted this week that bank executives truly are above the law and may commit crimes with virtual impunity...
Is the Yen Going Into a Free-Fall?  
The rapid decline in the Japanese currency's value against the U.S. dollar, which touched a three-and-a-half-year low of 95.45 on Friday, has analysts wondering where to place their next bets... 

En s'alliant, Grillo et Bersani pourraient menacer Mediaset 
Luigi Bersani pourrait ouvrir la voie à l'adoption d'une législation sévère contre les conflits d'intérêts en Italie et contraindre Silvio Berlusconi à choisir entre la politique et la préservation de son vaste empire médiatique... 

Malaysia troops kill 13, hunt gunmen after Sabah assault
The nearly month-long confrontation in Sabah state, in Malaysia's part of Borneo, was sparked when the armed group of about 200 sailed from the nearby southern Philippines to press an ancient claim to the resource-rich region...  

S. Korean President Seeks Opposition Cooperation In Govt. Formation
Unable to form a government even after tens days since she took over as South Korea's President, Park Geun-hye appealed to the country's politicians on Thursday to give her a chance to serve the nation, and sought their cooperation to break the parliamentary impasse over her government reorganization bill... 

Ukip leader Nigel Farage accused of making threats in bid to win funding
Farage and his party argue that the EU is a waste of money and call for Britain's withdrawal. Over the last 10 years, Ukip has raised £6.2m, according to the Electoral Commission, with hundreds of thousands of pounds coming from its MEPs, whose salaries and expenses are met by European taxpayers...

Education . Lancement d’un nouveau classement international des universités à Dublin 
C’est nouveau ! Un classement des universités, créé avec des fonds de l’Union européenne vient d’être lancé, à Dublin, dans le cadre de la présidence irlandaise de l’UE. Ce nouveau classement qui se veut « multidimensionnel » marque un tournant par rapport aux approches traditionnelles utilisées pour classer les universités selon leurs performances, la plupart se concentrant excessivement sur l’excellence en matière de recherche...

Oil slips after China data; Brent spread narrows
Oil futures edged lower in electronic trade Friday, giving back some of their gains after data showing a drop in Chinese crude imports, while traders looked ahead to U.S. jobs numbers...

Symposium on Legal and Policy aspects of space cooperation between Europe and BRICS countries; Inventory, Challenges and Opportunities 
Interdisciplinary event, jointly organized by The International Institute of Air and Space Law of Leiden Law School and The Department of Latin American Studies of the Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University, with the support of LEAP and Secure World Foundation.  

Parliament chief criticises 'Frankenstein Europe'
The EU's current institutional set-up resembles a 'Frankenstein' monster because there is no democratic separation of powers, European Parliament chief Martin Schulz said Monday (4 March) during a debate in Hamburg on sovereignty transfers to Brussels... 
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