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2014/07/21 Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews

EU calls for 'international investigation' into Ukraine air crash
An airliner carrying 295 people has crashed in a conflict zone in east Ukraine, with all on board presumed dead. The Malaysian Airlines flight, from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, disappeared from radar screens at approximately 16.20 Kiev time according to Ukrainian authorities.

Germany's Merkel Urges Ceasefire in Ukraine
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday called for a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine to ensure an independent investigation into the Malaysia Airlines crash, and to find a political solution to the conflict.

Sommet des BRICS. Des décisions très significatives
Lors de leur 6e sommet à Fortaleza au Brésil, les BRICS, soit le Brésil, la Russie, l'Inde, la Chine, et l'Afrique du Sud (l'Argentine étant invitée, bien qu'au bord du défaut de paiement) se sont mis d'accord pour le lancement de leurs institutions.

Putin Says Russia Hopes for Strategic Partnership with EU
Relations between Russia and the European Union are going through difficult times, but Moscow hopes to continue developing strategic partnership, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

72 points of BRICS Summit Declaration
Leaders of India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa issued a joint declaration on Tuesday at the sixth BRICS Summit in Fortelza in Brazil. The leaders put forward 72 points in the Sixth Brics Summit-Fortaleza Declaration, including agreeing to open a New Development Bank.

Group's political influence is growing
The Fortaleza summit of the BRICS leaders is a milestone. For the first time, the meeting of the group's five members is not merely a business forum but is branded with strong political elements.

Incubating a non-dollar architecture
The launch of the BRICS bank can now give the member countries confidence to experiment with other geoeconomic ambitions. Incubating a non-dollar financial architecture can be the next goal. There are existing models to build upon but India will need smart economic diplomacy to secure its interests

Opinion: Russia's new world order
Putin's first stop was the World Cup final. His next stop: the BRICS summit in Brazil, and two other nations. This demonstrates the strategic importance of the continent - and a warning for Europe, say DW's Uta Thofern.

India, South Africa vow closer bilateral ties on sidelines of BRICS summit
India and South Africa have pledged to strengthen bilateral ties and work closely in international forums to advance the interests of the two countries and the developing world at large.

BRICS summit: China deepens ties with Brazil
China expanded its trade partnership with Brazil on Thursday with US$7.5 billion in financing for Brazilian miner Vale, the purchase of 60 passenger jets from planemaker Embraer and renewed commitment to invest in infrastructure.

Le FMI "ravi" de collaborer avec le fonds des Brics (Lagarde)
La directrice générale Christine Lagarde a assuré mercredi que le FMI serait "ravi" de travailler avec le fonds crée par les pays émergents des Brics pour contrer l'hégémonie occidentale sur la scène financière.
Les echos

Five key takeways from the BRICS Summit
The leaders of the five emerging market powers - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) - discussed issues at a summit ranging from global growth to the role that the cluster can play in the world economy in the years ahead. We take a look at five key takeaways from the BRICS Summit:

China and Europe in Talks on Space Exploration Program
Senior Chinese and European space officials have been discussing potentially wide-ranging cooperation on manned exploration programs, a prospect that threatens to further complicate the future of the international space station.
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