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2014/05/02 - Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews. Libertad, Igualdad, Pluralidad.

BRICS building parallel IMF
The post war consensus on financing bodies appears to be breaking down as the West clings desperately to the reins of the IMF and World Bank. In exasperation, the BRICS nations are pushing forward with alternative institutions.

Brazil and Germany must lead on free Internet
Germany should capitalize on Brazil’s emergence as a key voice for digital rights. The two countries should lead by example and build global coalitions toward an open, free and secure Internet, argues Thorsten Benner.
Deutsche Welle

La Russie, par-delà l’Europe ?
A la fin de l’année 2010, j’écrivais un texte intitulé Moscou, capitale de l’Europe dans lequel j’appelais à la réalisation d’un projet politique reposant sur la création d’une entente approfondie entre Paris, Berlin et Moscou, des nations dominantes du continent afin de permettre la réalisation du projet français d’union continentale.

Brazil must act to boost trade with Brics
The location of the India-Brazil Chamber of Commerce’s office says a great deal about the trade relationship between the two developing countries. The Chamber is more than 500km from most companies’ headquarters in São Paulo, but only a short drive from some of the country’s largest mines.

EU ‘should be ashamed’ after sanctions on Russia - Moscow
The Russian Foreign Ministry responded with a scathing statement to the EU’s new round of sanctions against Russia, saying Europe apparently has no insight into the political situation in Ukraine.

Xi, Zuma eye intensive cooperation in 2014-15
Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirmed his support for BRICS peer, South Africa on Sunday as he exchanged congratulatory messages on holding the China Year in South Africa, and the South Africa Year in China with his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma.

Un objectif : EuroBRICS
Les pays du BRICS ont annoncé récemment qu'ils entendaient mettre en place dans les prochains mois l'équivalent du FMI et de la Banque mondiale dans le cadre de l'association qu'ils ont décidé de créer entre eux il y a environ un an.

The Developing India-China Maritime Dynamic
India needs to grapple with a growing Chinese naval presence in its strategic backyard. Like India’s decision to send the warship INS Shivalik to participate in a multilateral naval exercise at the northeastern Chinese port city of Qingdao last week.

Russia challenges EU energy market rules
Russia has filed a complaint against the European Union's energy market laws claiming they violate international rules, the World Trade Organization said Thursday.

India became 3rd-largest economy in 2011 from 10th in 2005: World Bank
In a matter of six years, India emerged as the world's third-largest economy in 2011 from being the 10th largest in 2005, moving ahead of Japan, while the US remained the largest economy closely followed by China, latest figures have revealed.

China wants stable partnership with Brazil for oil and natural gas projects
China plans to set up a stable long term partnership with Brazil and other Latin American countries for oil and natural gas projects, China’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi said Friday in Brasilia. The Chinese minister was present at the Brazil-China Strategic Global Dialogue to boost the relationship between the countries.

South Africa, China In Talks To Build Science And Tech Park
South Africa and China are in talks for the establishment of a joint science and technology industrial park that will stimulate high-tech manufacturing industries in the former’s economy.
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