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20014/09/12 Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews

“New Cold War poses dilemmas for India”
Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, talks about the significance of the position taken by NATO member countries at the recent summit in Wales. She says the increasingly acrimonious standoff between the West and Russia over Ukraine, and the stance on the Islamic State has implications for India.

Russia-Europe Ties Must Get Back on Track
Russia's relations with Europe have been badly strained over the Ukraine crisis. The two sides have fundamentally different perceptions of the situation, are suspicious of the other side's intentions, and have already gone through a series of sanctions against each other's economies.
The Moscow Times

Russia Deputy PM: 'Sanctions not good from any side'
Economic sanctions against Russia imposed by the E.U. and the U.S. are not good for the global economy, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich told CNBC on Wednesday. "Sanctions are not good from any side. Sanctions are not good for [the] U.S. economy... not good for Europe…. and when Europe and the U.S. establish sanctions, they face difficulties as Russia faces difficulties and nobody wants sanctions, that's clear,".

Africa welcomes support from China in industrialization
Africa welcomes modern win-win cooperation with Chinese enterprises that are shifting from simply extracting resources in the continent to supporting its industrialization, South Africa's top diplomat has said.

Xi to meet Modi amid shift in Sino-Indian ties
The common wisdom has been that China and India have nothing in common – except size. But that is changing. The shift is symbolised by next week’s meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping, eager to burnish his credentials as a leader of nonaligned nations, and India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, who portrays himself as a decisive economic reformer.

Ukraine: Xi Jinping pour une solution politique
Le président chinois Xi Jinping a de nouveau souhaité le règlement politique de la crise en Ukraine grâce à un dialogue entre toutes les parties, lors d'un entretien avec son homologue russe Vladimir Poutine. "La Chine est favorable à une résolution de la crise ukrainienne par des moyens politiques et exhorte toutes les parties en Ukraine à ouvrir un véritable dialogue dès que possible", a déclaré le ministère chinois des Affaires étrangères jeudi dans un communiqué, citant le chef de l'Etat.
Le Figaro

The rise of Marina Silva
Brazilian president Dilma Rouseff's bid for re-election has been ambushed in just two weeks by activist Marina Silva who is now predicted to win the October elections. If elected, Marina is likely to continue with the pro-poor policies of the current government, and she has already shown a keen interest in foreign policy. PM Modi will find Marina more proactive and forthcoming than Rouseff

The EU needs a completely new direction
The new Commission needs to start a drastic reform programme to save the EU. Only then can Europe survive in a world of tectonic shifts, warns Joop Hazenberg.

Meunier: “En écoutant plus la Russie on éviterait des morts”
Le député de l’Est lyonnais effectue un déplacement de plusieurs jours à Moscou, à la rencontre de représentants politiques et économiques du pays. Il défend la Russie comme un pays ami qui “mériterait d’être mieux entendu”.
Lyon Capitale

Guest post: gas war is next phase of Russia-Ukraine conflict
The chances of a lasting ceasefire in the conflict in eastern Ukraine are looking better. But the cessation of military hostilities will only mark the outbreak of a new fight: the gas war between Russia and Ukraine is about to restart and will probably come to a head in January, when Ukraine risks running out of gas.
FT blog

China, Russia to jointly face external challenges: Xi
Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, met in Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan, on Thursday ahead of the 14th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The two allies discussed “pressing issues of bilateral cooperation, particularly in energy, aircraft engineering and infrastructure”, said a Kremlin statement.
The BRICS Post

Les BRICS et l’Afrique : l’alliance se confirme ?
Les échanges entre l’Afrique et les BRICS sont projetés à 500 milliards de dollars en 2015. Cette annonce, relayée par l’Agence Ecofin (agence africaine d’informations basée à Genève, en Suisse), a été faite par le Haut-commissaire de l’Inde au Cameroun, A.R. Ghanashyam.
La Voix de la Russie

Partner info - Foundation for Education and training in Political Anticipation: back to school!
After a nice (and sunny?) summer, it is now time to get back in the business! FEFAP will start the end of 2014 with a new edition of its course (October 11th-December 13th). FEFAP teaches the Political Anticipation created by LEAP through a training process based on different case studies.
This special Press Review proposes a selection of articles from the French and English-speaking international online media relating to Euro-BRICS relations. It is delivered freely by LEAP on a weekly basis to recipients worldwide.

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