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2014/09/09 Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews

The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions : lessons for a multipolar world in the wake
This attitude on the part of Europe reveals a very strong feature of this crisis : it is a territorial row between two neighbours. On the one hand, there is the European Union, a free-trade area engaged in a questionable process of never-ending extension[4]. On the other hand, there is Russia’s Eurasian Economic Union project, all of a sudden competing with the latter.

The world is marching back from globalisation
The US does not see a vital national interest in upholding an order that shifts power to rivals. There is a mood abroad that says history will record that sanctions against Russia marked the start of an epochal retreat from globalisation.

L'Europe devrait renoncer à la détérioration des relations avec la Russie (Parlement européen)
L'Europe devrait renoncer à la détérioration des relations avec la Russie, il ne faut pas rompre le fil des négociations avec la Russie dans une situation de crise, estime le chef du Parlement européen, Martin Schulz.

Huge scope for expansion in trade ties between India, South Africa
South Africa today said there was need for reforms in IMF and the World Bank so that developing countries get adequate funding even as he hailed the decision for the setting up of the BRICS bank.

A warning cry from the European Central Bank
IT WAS a coincidence that the European Central Bank held its regular policy-making meeting at the same time that leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were assembling in Wales. There is a connection between the two events, however: An economically weak Europe cannot be a diplomatically and militarily strong Europe.

La guerre d'Ukraine et l'esprit des peuples
Il est encore difficile aujourd'hui d'évoquer l’absence de liberté des grands médias occidentaux sans être taxé d'extravagance, de se voir convaincre d'être le neveu de Poutine.

Give the BRICS more power: we need them on our side
The launch of the BRICS Development Bank suggests that these countries have no intention of disappearing into economic and policy oblivion. There is a lot for business to catch up on as the summer holidays end and corporate decision-makers return to their desks this week.

Making 'Chindia' a reality
Nearly a decade ago, in late 2006, the then President of China, President Hu Jintao met with India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi with a promise to join forces through close economic collaboration and arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution to long standing geopolitical disputes.
China Economic Review

En finir avec la crise ukrainienne et renouer avec la Russie
L'Europe a besoin de la Russie. Laisser cette dernière se lier davantage à la Chine qu'à sa grande voisine occidentale serait une erreur stratégique majeure.
Les Echos

China-Brazil trade must adjust to countries' modernization
China and Brazil face the task of refocusing their trade with each other onto more sophisticated products and investment as the two major emerging economies modernize their industrial structure and their demand for natural resources slows.

Dilemmas and Obstacles: Multilateral Energy Cooperation Among BRICS Countries
Multilateral energy cooperation among BRICS countries remains largely at the stage of initiatives with few substantial actions that have been taken so far. Three main reasons can account for it.
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