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2014/09/20 Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews

Expert: Europe’s Security Framework Should Include Russia
The conflict in Ukraine showcases how Europe needs a security architecture that includes – rather than excludes – Russia, University of Rhode Island scholar Nicolai Petro told RIA Novosti.

China President Xi's Visit India-China - An evolving geoeconomic architecture
There is a gradual evolution in geoeconomics taking shape between India and China. It is the elevation from an 'over-the-wall' trade relationship to an integrated geoeconomic relationship defined by deeper business and financial links.

Let’s join hands to end terror, crisis in Iraq: Modi to BRICS
Expressing concerns over the situation in West Asia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called for BRICS countries explore ways to help end the crisis in Iraq. Modi also called for more concerted efforts in addressing the issue of terrorism, urging the world to put more pressure on countries that give “support and sanctuaries” to terrorists.

Europe 2020 – Community or empire?
After having spent almost a year watching Europe at the “Crossroads” we consider that this summer’s end marks its commitment to the wrong path, that which leads towards the “tragic scenario” described by Franck Biancheri in his visionary work “The World Crisis: The Path to the World Afterwards“ in which he put forward Europe’s considerable advantages in the face of the crisis and its potential to participate in the emergence of a “world afterwards” as desirable.

BRIC by BRIC: The bloc where India and China will interact next
Now that the Xi Jinping-Narendra Modi lovefest is on in the Chinese President's ongoing state visit, attention will also turn to BRICS, the international arrangement, for want of a better word, where some of the diplomacy between the two countries will play out. The coming together of the BRICS in a new arrangement offers an intriguing new dimension to international relations.

Next Euro-BRICS meeting “The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions’ – online September 29th
The second Discussion of this series will take place in September 2014 (date to be commonly defined early September, local time in participating time zones is mentioned below) on this topic : “The Euro-Russia row as a result of an overlap between two economic unions: lessons for a multipolar world in the wake”.

WTO rules deleted for Russian sanctions: Putin
Even as US President Barack Obama announced $46 million in new assistance for the Ukrainian military, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday hit out at Western nations for sanctions which he said violated the basic principles of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Europe 2020 – Community or Empire? Is the EU Exploding?
This title is inspired by Franck Biancheri first book (unpublished) written in 1992 and in which the author showed that the founding principles of the European project conceived at the end of the Second World War (a community of countries giving themselves the means to jointly build a lasting peace and a prosperous continent) could, if one were not careful, find themselves marginalised and the well-known reflexes of a Europe-empire (European colonisation, Napoleon, Hitler…) would get back on top.

Russia May Divert Europe’s Gas Supplies to China
IfVladimir Putin and Gazprom finalize their grand plan to expand into the Chinese energy market, the European Union will be left literally in the cold. After years of trying to reduce Gazprom's presence in Europe, the European Commission may see Gazprom leaving of its own desire.

South Africa: The Economic Partnership Agreement With Europe - Hold Your Nose and Ratify!
Before they went away on the one truly 'religious' festival in the EU calendar - the month-long summer vacation each August - EU trade negotiators hurriedly initialled the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Economic Partnership Agreement

Xi Jinping in India: A Breakthrough in Relations?
The Chinese president is in India hoping to manage a complex economic and security relationship. Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting an India that for the first time in 25 years has given a clear mandate to a single party.

India pitches for currency swap lines among G20 nations
The US Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing programme has impacted currencies, especially those of emerging economies including India. Noting that the QE policy has had an impact on the "the currency markets of many of the emerging market economies," Finance Secretary Arvind Mayaram has suggested currency swap lines among G20 nations.
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