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2015/02/12 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis

2015 Omni-dimensional crisis: protecting oneself in stormy weather
The enormous dangers weighing on the banking and financial systems, especially in the West, but also on social and geopolitical peace, leads our team to warn our readers to be especially on their guard. The issue is protecting one’s assets creatively, with diversification of solutions always the principal instruction. For example reduce the share of one’s assets invested in financial products; reduce the share of one’s assets deposited with conventional Western banks; the purchase of gold especially, but also jewellery, precious metals…, remains our first recommendation, up to 20% to 30% of one’s portfolio; for the remaining assets at the banks, think about the safest foreign banks as well, especially Chinese...

Oil bounces back toward $56 as dollar weakens
il prices rebounded more than $1 toward $56 a barrel on Thursday, after a two-day decline, as a weakened dollar and industry spending cuts offset worries of a supply glut. Analysts at Sucden Financial pointed to a softer dollar boosting buying on Thursday in a note to clients. A weaker U.S. unit makes dollar-priced commodities such as oil cheaper for holders of other currencies...

Greek negotiators should learn a little from Britain
The proposal for “debt-swapping” floated by Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s finance minister, is both ingenious and constructive. But whatever its merits — and as always in financial transactions, the devil will be in the details — by putting it forward in this way Greece is making what can be termed The British Mistake...

REPORT: Tesla only sold 120 cars in China in January — Elon Musk threatens to fire executives
Tesla sold only 120 cars in China in January, a Tesla source told Reuters. CEO Elon Musk is now prepared to fire overseas executives as the number was well below company targets, people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Reuters, citing sources who have seen the email, says that Musk “threatened to fire or demote country managers if they are ‘not on a clear path to positive long-term cash flow.'”

Alibaba ‘Not Too Big to Fail,’ Jack Ma Tells Regulator
jack Ma told the Chinese government that Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. isn’t too big to fail, as Asia’s richest man sought to assure regulators he was addressing corruption on the company’s e-commerce sites...

China backs bigger role for India, Brazil at UNSC
China today said it respects the aspirations of India and Brazil to play bigger roles at the UN Security Council, while keeping mum on Japan's candidature. About the Indian and Brazilian applications to become permanent members, China respects the willingness of the two countries to play a bigger role in the UN body...

Does the West have the will to stop Russia?
It is not Vegas, but the worry must be that what happens in Minsk, stays in Minsk.The urgency of making sure a ceasefire happens, and holds will only serve to intensify the debate in the US about how to deal with Vladimir Putin.

Shrinking Merkel Down To Size: Berlin Faces Austerity Challenge in Brussels
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is challenging Angela Merkel in her de facto role as the most powerful leader in Europe. The election of Greece's Alexis Tsipras may help him in his fight against rigid German austerity policies.

Central Banks Now Open 24/7 Fighting Currency Wars and Deflation
Central banks are now open all hours. Just as they worked weekends through the financial crisis, policy makers are again signaling they can strike at any time for the good of their economies.

La Chine a investi 18 milliards de dollars dans l’UE en 2014, un record
Les investissements chinois dans l’Union européenne, qui avaient reculé en 2013, ont plus que doublé en 2014 pour atteindre un nouveau record de 18 milliards de dollars (15,9 milliards d’euros), montre une étude publiée mercredi...

Ukraine ceasefire aims to pave way for comprehensive settlement of crisis
A ceasefire in eastern Ukraine intended to pave the way for a comprehensive political settlement of the country’s crisis has been agreed in Minsk following a fraught 16 hours of overnight negotiations between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and France.

Dutch Senator Hopes Deal on Ukraine Ends Anti-Russian Sanctions
ember of the Dutch Socialist Party Tiny Kox hopes that the reconciliation deal on Ukraine worked out in Minsk on Thursday will help to normalize relations in Europe and end the anti-Russia sanctions...

Grexit' would be no easy ride for austerity-weary Greeks
"Grexit" would be sudden, sharp and probably conducted in the dark of night; if Greece were to quit the euro, it would also mark the beginning of a long, hard road - for some harder still than the one already traveled.

Swiss immigration law to deepen impasse with EU
The Swiss government has outlined legislation aimed at putting in place curbs on EU migration backed in a referendum last February. As part of a bill published on Wednesday (11 February), quotas will apply to foreign workers based in the Alpine country for more than four months from February 2017, while recruitment priority will be given to Swiss residents...

A NATO-Asia Partnership Would Ease Japan’s Regional Security Cooperation Dilemma
In a personal conversation with a European diplomat who has been closely associated with NATO, I was told that what NATO looks for in partnering with Asian countries is legitimacy and capability. These overlap with US expectations in working with its NATO and other allies in counterinsurgency operations...
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