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2015/01/05 GLOBAL SYSTEMIC CRISIS. leapnewsletter

Oil Crisis – Weathering the storm, eliminating competitors
It is very clear that a $50 dollar oil price has an adverse impact on Russia, which could be considered the first serious victim of the systemic oil crisis. Some automakers stopped selling cars to Russia, the Russian Central Bank raised interest rates to 17% and the first commercial bank has had to be bailed-out. But victims will not be limited to Russia, in the US oil-related sector lay-offs are just starting with US-Steel idling its Ohio pipe manufacturing plant and laying-off more than 700 workers. In 2014, the Russian ruble has collapsed 50% against the dollar...

A Super-Committee of the Euroland at the heart of the European Parliament? On the way to the first Supra-National Parliament in the World
Clearly, the Euroland’s institutional embryo, which emerged as part of the euro crisis, must be imperatively endowed with a legislative body ensuring the democratic anchor of its decisions..;

Petition - Stop the Sanctions! Now!
Russia is the third commercial partner of the European Union; the trades between them have been growing until March 2014. In the middle of a crisis of the euro, the debt, the growth, and the unemployment; is it rational to sabotage the trades with Russia?...

Greek finance minister responds to the surprise ECB announcement
The European Central Bank (ECB) decision puts pressure on the Eurogroup to proceed rapidly to conclude a new mutually beneficial agreement between Greece and its partners.

Why the EU should abolish corporate income tax
The European Central Bank (ECB) recently announced it would buy various securities in order to inject more than €1 trillion into the European economy.This move was long expected to counter exceedingly low consumer prices and the euro's high exchange rate vis-a-vis the currencies of our main trade partners...

BNP Paribas dans le vert en 2014, malgré l’amende américaine
La banque française, qui avait écopé d’une amende de 6,6 milliards d’euros à l’été 2014, affiche un bénéfice net de 157 millions d’euros. C’est trois fois plus que ce qu’attendaient les analystes...

Presidential coup returns Florentine swagger to Matteo Renzi
The election was a feat because Mr Renzi united his own Democratic party behind Mr Mattarella after months of internal battles with leftwing dissidents who had grown increasingly frustrated with his centrist reforms, including a sweeping overhaul of the labour market passed in December...

Greek banks hammered after ECB snub, Athens rejects 'blackmail'
Greek borrowing costs leapt and bank shares were hammered on Thursday after the European Central Bank abruptly pulled the plug on its funding for the country's financial sector in what Athens labelled an act of coercion.

Polish, Russian WWII Interpretation Differs Despite Common History
In the wake of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Polish Ambassador to Russia says Poland has a "radically" different interpretation of World War II from that of Russia. Last week, Polish foreign minister caused outrage among Russian leadership, after he dismissed the role of Soviet Army's liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp...

L’écart se creuse entre les étudiants riches et pauvres
Seul un étudiant pauvre sur cinq décroche au moins une licence aujourd’hui outre-Atlantique. Une proportion qui ne s’est pas améliorée depuis un demi-siècle...

NATO should not provide military aid in Ukraine crisis: MSC chairman
"NATO itself should not provide military aid since this would only offer a welcome pretext to Russia to escalate and to argue again that NATO's enlargement strategy has been the source of evil all along...

Germany set to pass ‘one of the harshest’ anti-terror laws in Europe
The Merkel government approved a new law meant to mitigate radical Islamist attacks, by making it a criminal offence to travel abroad to receive military training. Civil rights advocates are furious...

Sale of Charlie Hebdo in Ireland will test blasphemy law for first time
Muslim and secular organisations warn satirical publication with front-page image of prophet Muhammad is illegal in Irish Republic..

The trans-Atlantic scramble for free trade deals
A recent paper by the European Council for Foreign Relations (ECFR) urges European policy makers to conclude Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks quickly by dropping the more contentious issues such as the investor-state dispute settlement...

One Million Voters Have Fallen Off Britain's Electoral Register
Changes to the electoral register have resulted in more than 80% of Local authorities suffering a decline in voter registration, with a staggering 950,845 fewer voters registered when compared with 2014..
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