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2015/02/19 LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis

NATO, QE, Siriza, the Ukraine, Israel: Highways towards « tomorrow’s world » on the horizon
As soon as the dust of battle settles a little, we are finally beginning to see the landscape of tomorrow’s world in the distance and the paths leading to it, sometimes again demonstrating the appearance of real highways. Even if our team remains very concerned about the obstacles which may arise on the way to these paths, we believe that the gradual revelation of the future landscape is something good. Indeed, the great dramas of history often happen when people or systems see no way out of their difficulties. Thus, in this issue, at risk of seeming seriously naive, our team has decided to focus on these parts of the future appearing on the horizon. The object of political anticipation is also to downplay the future. The fight in which we are engaged and of which the Ukrainian crisis is the most emblematic concrete expression, only opposes the forces wishing to commit themselves to these paths and those wishing to prevent them.
GEAB No 92 by LEAP
ECB minutes highlight QE delay risks
The first-ever minutes from the European Central Bank (ECB) reveal that chief economist Peter Praet warned members of the hazards of delaying the introduction of quantitative easing. He said the risk from inaction might be higher than the risks of taking action.
BBC News
Political Anticipation applied to decision-making
The understanding of the global economy is essential to achieve a steady growth over the time and to reach the level of competitiveness international markets are demanding. The business plan of a company should include nowadays an approach of the political and economic background from the global governance. Register now and attend the next online courses (March 14th - April 11th, 2015).
India to create a federation of 50 solar power-rich nations: Piyush Goyal
Taking a cue from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision, Union Minister Piyush Goyal today said efforts will work to create a federation of 50 solar power -rich nations and also make India the world's renewable energy capital...
Times of India
Orbán complains about Tusk over the EU's Russia policy
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stepped up his criticism on Wednesday (18 February) of his European allies for their policy of seeking to isolate Moscow over its intervention in Ukraine, naming top EU official Donald Tusk as one of its backers.
Peter Oborne resignation: Senior writer quits Telegraph dramatically over HSBC allegations
A senior writer at the Daily Telegraph has dramatically quit the newspaper after accusing its owners, the Barclay Brothers, of suppressing reports about the HSBC scandal out of fear of losing advertising revenue...
The Independent
Janvier 2015, premier mois d'inflation négative en France
La France est entrée en janvier en territoire d'inflation négative pour la première fois depuis fin 2009, rejoignant une tendance à l'oeuvre dans toute l'Europe, mais sans que l'on puisse parler déjà d'une franche déflation...
Spotlight: Experts urge national dialogue, reforms to de-escalate Ukraine crisis
One year after Ukraine's dramatic shift in power that triggered its worst crisis in two decades, local experts summed up the lessons learned from the turmoil and offered their suggestion for improving Ukraine's situation...
Interview with Isaac Herzog: 'Israelis Are Fed Up with Politics of Fear'
In an interview, Israeli prime minister candidate Isaac Herzog says the country's people are "fed up" with Benjamin Netanyahu's "politics of fear." If elected, he says he wants to "reignite" the peace process and is prepared to negotiate with the Palestinians...
Der Spiegel
ASEAN’s Transnational Crime Networks
Regional connectivity projects being implemented ahead of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Economic Community scheduled for this year could have the adverse effect of making human trafficking and drug smuggling easier for transnational crime networks, anti-drug and human rights organizations have warned...
The Diplomat
Finland's social welfare and health care reform
The Finnish Parliament will soon be asked to decide on a government-proposed bill seeking sweeping reform of its social and health care system...
YLE Uutiset
Libya, Egypt ask UN to lift arms embargo to fight IS group
Libya and Egypt asked the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday to lift an arms embargo on Libya and help it build the army so it can tackle Islamic State and other extremist groups..;
El Ahram
Turkey to go ahead with non-NATO-integrated missile defense
Turkey’s new defense missile system, for which Ankara is in talks on a $3.4 billion deal with a Chinese company, will not be integrated with one used by NATO, Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz has said..;
Putin seeks orderly retreat for encircled Ukrainian troops
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday pro-Moscow rebels should allow Ukranian government forces safe passage out of the encircled eastern town of Debaltseve but Kiev should not prevent its troops from giving up their weapons...
Iran rejects two-stage nuclear deal by July deadline: spokesperson
Iran does not consider a two-stage nuclear deal in the remaining time leading up to a deadline by July, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham, said in her weekly press briefing on Wednesday...

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