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2015/03/19 - LEAP/E2020 Press Review on the Global Systemic Crisis

pic geab 932015 – Media, finance, oil system, military-industrial complex, QE : the narratives war 
In the chaos that characterizes any crisis, explanations increase as so many attempts to impose their vision of the world where the stake is world domination. The chaotic “gap» opened by a crisis is also a narrative war zone whose winners will be either the strongest (for a short period of time), or the most coherent (for a long period). For the everyday citizen or player, the great difficulty is not to lose one’s head in the middle of these countless story-tellings. The GEAB’s mission since January 2006 is precisely this: helping its readers to look beyond the obvious and the dominant noise and try to get closer to the reality of profound changes. This work is important individually, in the decisions that everyone must continue to make in an unstable environment, but it’s even more important on a collective basis because the choice of narrative is of course a choice for the future. Yet between the narrative imposed by force and that by reality, a society can lock itself into an ideological system or resolutely commit itself to an open world ... 
Plunging Euro May Help Draghi More Than Week-Old QE Program 
He may be reluctant to admit it, but the biggest benefits from Mario Draghi’s bond purchases are likely to come from the plunge in the euro. The European Central Bank’s quantitative-easing program will boost euro-region inflation by 0.3 percentage point this year, with a weaker exchange rate doing most of the work.. 
Juncker: ‘Time to deepen European integration’ 
There is never going to be a United States of Europe, but the EU needs to show its partners where it is heading if it wants to be taken seriously, EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said Monday (16 March). 
Pourquoi la France doit changer d’état d’esprit.
L'avocat et essayiste, Laurent Cohen-Tanugi s’était déjà distingué de nombreuses élites françaises traditionnelles en publiant des ouvrages critiques sur l’État ou en invitant l’Europe à se doter d’une “stratégie pour la mondialisation”. Dans son dernier opus, What’s wrong with France ? (Grasset, 2015), sa réelle expérience internationale et son sens critique le conduisent à analyser les racines du malaise français... 
Is EU Support for Russia Sanctions Waning? See Who's Visiting the Kremlin 
For evidence of the European Union’s diminishing appetite for sanctions against Russia, look no further than Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin guestbook. Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades visited the Russian leader in February, granting the Russian navy access to Cypriot ports.. 
Why Europe defies the US to join a China-led bank 
Despite US pressure to stay out, Europe's four-largest economies, Germany, France, Britain and Italy, are set to join a China-led regional bank, seen as a potential rival to the US-based World Bank. But why?. 
Beijing plans external audit of state firms’ foreign assets 
China’s top state-owned enterprises regulator is planning to invite independent accounting companies to carry out an audit of state firms’ overseas units in an unprecedented move amid concerns they provide fertile ground for corruption. 
Two options on Russia sanctions at EU summit 
Economic sanctions on Russia are likely to be extended shortly after Thursday’s (19 March) summit or in June despite objections, diplomats say. The leaders’ draft conclusions, dated Monday (16 March) and seen by EUobserver, still have a blank space on the thorny subject. 
With hardened positions, Netanyahu snatches victory from jaws of defeat 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can reasonably contemplate another term in office, albeit with a fractious coalition, having dragged himself from the jaws of defeat in the final days of a difficult campaign. 
Cette nuit en Asie : le piège chinois se referme sur Qualcomm 
Après avoir écopé d’une amende record, le géant américain doit livrer une bataille juridique contre un concurrent chinois très gourmand. Et maintenant, 100 milliards de dollars ! 
The U.S. Economy Just Keeps Disappointing 
Last week, we reported on how the U.S. economy was the most disappointing major economy in the world based on the Bloomberg Economic Surprise Index, which measures incoming economic data against economist expectations... 
China displaces Germany as world's third largest arms exporter 
China has surpassed Germany to become the world's third largest arms exporter, a Stockholm-based think tank said in a report on March 16. 
Turkey’s Drift From NATO 
The website of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledges that NATO has played a “central role” in the country’s security and insists that Turkey, which became a member in 1952, “attaches utmost importance” to it. Yet Turkey’s commitment to the alliance has never seemed more ambivalent than it does now. 
China cuts U.S. Treasuries holdings for fifth month 
China’s holdings of U.S. government bonds fell for the fifth consecutive month in January, showed data released by the U.S. Treasury Department on Monday. 
Does the Arab League need an army? 
On Monday, the Arab League chief Nabil Al Arabi addressed delegates with a stark and potentially game changing request.“There is an urgent need for the creation of a multi-purpose common Arab military force,” he said and although he didn’t specify what the need was, it was clear that... 
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