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2016/01/13 Political Anticipation - LEAP Press review

Immigration : the third rogue wave shatters the EU ship as we have known it

In this article, we will endeavour to put the European migration crisis into a global context in order to give the right perspective on the problem, then we will make the link, a priori counter intuitive, between migratory flows and the economic crises in the host countries, we will also attempt a series of recommendations and show that any mismanagement will lead to a further collapse of the European image in the world and the concomitant lasting loss of all influence...
(Extract, GEAB 97 <>)
The emergence of eurocitizens, a book by Franck Biancheri

Precisely 30 years ago, in 1985, in a Europe that was wrapping up its economic union and beginning to put its political integration into perspective, Franck Biancheri contributed significantly to the challenge of forming new generations of Euro-citizens by creating AEGEE-Europe. And two years later, to prove that Europe indeed had a huge need of Euro-Citizens, AEGEE, still under Franck's leadership, enabled the adoption of the ERASMUS program, today's undisputed flagship of the European the time blocked by national administrations. Keeping that in mind, Franck
Biancheri then on relentlessly fought for the democratization of the EU... not for moral reasons, but for very practical ones: just like Erasmus would never have seen the light of day without AEGEE students, Europe would get nowhere without the European citizens...
(Anticipolis <>)

Rotterdam mayor: Muslim migrants must respect EU laws

Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Moroccan mayor of Rotterdam, has a simple message for migrants in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks and the Paris murders: respect the law in your host state, or go home. Speaking to press in the Dutch port city last Friday (8 January), he said: “If you want to pick up a Dutch passport just to travel without a visa then give it up. I'm not giving you a passport. I'm giving you an identity...
(EUObserver <>)

German Terror Deaths Draw Merkel Closer to Mideast Turmoil

Chancellor Angela Merkel is being drawn deeper into the Middle East's turmoil with the suspected suicide bombing that killed at least 10 Germans in Istanbul, her country's biggest death toll in a terror attack in almost 14 years. The assault on tourists in the Turkish metropolis adds to pressure on Merkel as some in her coalition demand a cap on a record influx of refugees and New Year's Eve...
(Bloomberg <>)

Kosovo mess: Made in the EU

On 25 August, Kosovo and Serbia signed the second “landmark” deal toward “normalisation of relations.” Building on an earlier accord, it clarifies arrangements for the Association/Community of Serb Municipalities (ASM) in Kosovo. The EU and Kosovo, back in 2013, said the initial agreement was a “historic deal” which would clear the path for Kosovo's EU integration...
(EUObserver <>)

„For me, it is not borders that matter“

BILD: Mr President, 25 years ago, we celebrated the end of the Cold War.
Now we have just had a year of more crises and wars than ever before. What went so horribly wrong in the relationship between Russia and the West?
Vladimir Putin: That is the big question. We have done everything wrong...
( <>)

EU launches first-ever rule of law review against Poland

The European Commission has launched a probe into policy changes in Poland that may clash with EU law. It is the first time such a move has been initiated by the EU against a member state...
(Deutsche Welle <>)

Beware the great 2016 financial crisis, warns leading City pessimist

The City of London's most vocal “bear” has warned that the world is heading for a financial crisis as severe as the crash of 2008-09 that could prompt the collapse of the eurozone. Albert Edwards, strategist at the bank Société Générale, said the west was about to be hit by a wave of deflation from emerging market economies and that central banks were unaware of the disaster about to hit them...
(The Guardian <>)

GE Plans to Cut 6,500 Jobs in Europe After Alstom Purchase

General Electric Co. plans to eliminate about 6,500 jobs in Europe, citing waning demand for gas and steam turbines in the region as it integrates Alstom SA's energy units into its operations. The cuts include 765 positions in France and 1,700 in Germany, Renaud Petitjean, a GE spokesman in Paris, said on Wednesday...
(Bloomberg <>)

EU commission: Belgian tax rulings are 'illegal'

The European Commission said on Monday that it considers Belgium's tax scheme on excess profit "illegal" and that the country will have to recover around €700 million from 35 multinational companies. "The scheme allowed companies to pay substantially less tax simply because they are multinationals and could benefit from alleged synergies," competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager said at a press conference...
(EUOBS <>)

How China could trigger a global crisis

When China sneezes, the rest of the world might not catch a cold, but it does feel bad for a couple of days. The question, though, is whether China is sicker than it seems and how contagious that would be for the global economy. In other words, is China's latest stock market selloff — the Shanghai index lost 15 percent of its value in the past six days — and currency devaluation just a blip or the beginning of a bust..
(Washington Post <>)

China Dec. exports, imports fall much less than expected after yuan slides

China's total trade fell in December but far less than expected, with exports outperforming many of its regional peers after the country let the yuan depreciate sharply, highlighting fears of a currency war among Asia's trade-reliant economies. "The trade data support our view that, despite turmoil in Chinese financial markets, there has not been a major deterioration in its economy in recent months," Daniel Martin, senior Asia economist at Capital Economics, said in a note...
(Reuters <>)

Tsipras risks pension reform

In five years, Greek pensions could dry up if the system isn't changed. Greek premier Tsipras has been turning up the pressure on pension reform, but opposition to his plans is growing.
(Deutsche Welle <>)

Brazil's Carnival lovers face sobering moment as country braces for

When it comes to mood making in Brazil, there are few institutions that can match the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro. For a week each year at Carnival, they embody exuberance with a pulsating parade of spectacular floats, gyrating dancers and bateria throbbing with the rhythms of tamborims, chocalhos, surdos and drums...

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