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2014/10/13 Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews

Russian Senator: “Russia Supports Multipolar World, Rejects Exceptionalism”
Andrei Klimov, the Russian Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, held a press conference on Friday at Rossiya Segodnya’s multimedia press center, where he discussed US pressure aimed at the Eurasian Economic Union project, Russia’s strained relations with PACE, the country’s search for alternative forums for inter-parliamentary dialogue, and the shift of the world away from US-based unipolarity.

C'est officiel: la Chine est désormais la plus grande puissance mondiale
Ça y est, c’est officiel: la Chine vient de dépasser les Etats-Unis pour devenir la plus grande économie du monde, a calculé le Fonds Monétaire International (FMI). Il s’est appuyé sur la comparaison des pouvoirs d’achat des deux pays...

Time ripe for innovative China-Germany partnership
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's trip to Germany, the second time since he took office last year, will see the two countries navigate their partnership to a more innovative path. Economic and trade cooperation between the two partners has expanded rapidly in recent years. Germany is now China's biggest European partner in trade, investment and technological cooperation, while China is Germany's largest trading partner in Asia.

Russian oil shift east accelerates, dictated by politics
Russia is diverting more of its crude oil east with deliveries to China hitting a new record last month at the expense of Europe as geopolitical tensions between Moscow and the West dictate the latest shift in flows.

China-Europe : Barrage of deals expected on Europe trip
Nearly 100 agreements are expected to be reached during Premier Li Keqiang's upcoming second visit to Europe this year, which starts on Thursday and underlines increasingly closer cooperation between China and Europe...
China Daily

Un nouveau régime comptable met fin à la "suprématie du PIB"
La Chine projette d'introduire un nouveau régime comptable afin de mettre un terme à la "suprématie du PIB" et d'instaurer un modèle de croissance axé sur un développement économique, social et environnemental plus équilibré.
French People Daily

Brazil elections: turning left or right?
Since none of the candidates won the required 50% majority in the Brazilian presidential elections held October 5, there will be a second round on October 26 between the centre-left President Dilma Rouseff and centre-right Aecio Neves. As of now, polls predict a Rouseff win - but like India, the Brazilian electorate is known for throwing up surprises

South Africa-China Relations - Evolving Cooperation, Collaboration and Competition
South Africa, a leading economy on the African continent, and China, the largest developing country in the world, have forged a unique partnership. Operating at bilateral, continental and multilateral levels, the governments are actively striving to realise the comprehensive strategic partnership envisaged in 2010.
All Africa

Adapt to climate and cut emissions, say Brazil, South Africa, India and China
The collective of the four advanced developing countries, BASIC, Brazil, South Africa, India and China, has stressed that the global effort to tackle climate change must focus on adapting to climate as well as reducing emissions. "Adaptation needs are driven by the extent of adverse effects of climate change, experienced both now and in the future," the BASIC said in the statement on Friday at the end of their two-consultation in Sun City, South Africa.
Economic Times

An Evolving Partnership
In the last 65 years since the establishment of their diplomatic relationship, China-Russia (former Soviet Union) relations have undergone several stages—from alliance to confrontation, followed by normalization and a strategic partnership. At present, China-Russia relationship is among the most mature of those between major powers. The two countries actively support one another, meanwhile they are partners—not allies.
Beijing Review

China a staunch supporter of European integration: premier
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Saturday that China, a staunch supporter of the European integration, is willing to see a united, prosperous and strong European Union (EU). A united EU benefits the world's peace, security, cooperation and development, the premier noted. The China-Europe relations are based on an important fact that the East and West civilizations have learned from each other on the basis of mutual respect and equality, said Li.

Mobilité des étudiants en Europe et aux BRICS, visions parallèles: Un rencontre en ligne Euro-BRICS, le 25 Novembre
En 1985, les Chefs d’Etat Européens décidaient de lancer un programme d’échange destiné aux étudiants des différentes nations de la communauté européenne, en vue de contribuer à la création de générations de citoyens européens, afin de donner corps au projet institutionnel de l’intégration Européenne, et de fournir la légitimité et le support nécessaires à un projet d’union politique.
LEAP2020 / Euro-BRICS

BRICS – Partnering to build education for the future
The five BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – have initiated a process of mobilising investment and collaboration that will provide quality higher education to around 40% of the world’s tertiary students.
University world news
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