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2014/10/17 - Revue de Presse Euro-BRICS Press Reviews

Welcome to the new world order
The IMF’s annual report confirms the future belongs to the BRICS, with western economic power declining faster than previously estimated.

Asia and Europe meet in Milan
ASEM, the Asia-Europe Meeting, has been taking place for the past 18 years, but it has rarely been in the spotlight. Concrete decisions are rare. Ukraine is one of many issues set to be discussed on the sidelines.

Global systemic crisis – 2015: The world is defecting to the East
Two important facts emerge from the past four weeks’ news. First, China is becoming the world’s largest economic power, officially overtaking the US. That is an historic event: the US is no longer the world’s largest economic power and, inevitably, that changes everything !...

Le sommet Europe-Asie miné par les crises
Les dirigeants européens et asiatiques se sont retrouvés hier à Milan dans un climat de crise économie et de grande tension en Ukraine. Poutine a d’ailleurs mis en garde les ¬Européens sur ses livraisons de gaz.

EU, China agree to step up cooperation against terrorism
Leaders from China and the European Union agreed to step up cooperation to counter extremism and terrorism in the Middle East and Africa, the EU said on Thursday...

India’s curious stand at WTO
India’s decision to block the Trade Facilitation Agreement at the World Trade Organisation in July was perplexing; the confusion was compounded because India was almost alone in its position. This policy perspective explains the reasons for India’s curious stand.

Les capitaux chinois déferlent sur l'Europe
La cinquantaine de chefs d'État et de gouvernement - dont François Hollande - qui se retrouvent jeudi et vendredi à Milan pour le Forum Asie Europe (Asem) représentent la moitié du PIB mondial.

India should look to Europe for an economic boost
Europe is conspicuously missing so far in Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy sallies. He has focused first on our neighbourhood, with visits to Bhutan and Nepal. Thereafter, East Asia received priority, with his visit to Japan and the visit of the Chinese president to India.

China, Italy sign deals worth $10 bn
Chinese and Italian companies signed deals worth 8 billion euros (more than $10 billion) in Rome on Tuesday, a highlight of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Italy. The deals signed after Li met his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, covered investment, engineering and technology and financial cooperation.
The BRICS Post

South Africa Eyes China Nuclear Accord After France Agreement
South Africa will probably sign a nuclear cooperation accord with China next month after agreeing to a similar deal with France yesterday, according to the country’s nuclear energy company.

China, Brazil relations grow stronger
The focus of the next phase of China-Brazil relations is to realize the series of bilateral agreements signed during Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Brazil in July, agreements that will ramp up practical cooperation between the two countries to a new level.
China Daily

Russia and China open currency-swap line
Russia and China have opened a currency-swap line, paving the way for further trade and investment between the neighbouring countries, Russia’s central bank said on Monday.
Business Spectator
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